Friday 11 December 2020

1st Year Biology Chapter 4 The Cell MCQs

1st Year Biology Chapter 4 The Cell MCQs

If you are a student of 11th class biology and looking for the mcqs of chapter 4 then here we have shared the 1st Year Biology Chapter 4 The Cell MCQs.

• Father of botany- Theophrastus 

• Science of exception- bionics 

• Physical basis of life was explained, by- Huxley 

• Lipid synthesis takes place in- smooth ER 

• Nucleus discovered by Robert Brown in cells of "orchids" 

• The term ribosome was obtained by- Palade 

• Plasma membrane also called as cell membrane and unit membrane 

• In cell membrane of animals lipid is present about 50% 

• Cholesterol absent in plant and bacterial cells 

• Plasma membrane ke structure me oligosaccharides are attached to integral proteins whereas glycolipids are 

directly attached to the layer 

• Primary wall 1.3 micrometer 

• Sec wall 5-10 micrometer 

• Seed hairs of cotton plant- gossypium 

• Lamella - Ca and Mg pectate 

• Pri wall- hemicellulose cellulose and pectic substances 

• Sec wall- cellulose lignin 

• No of chromosome in corn 20 

• Rough Er present in salivary glands pancreas 

• Smooth Er present in lipid producing cells 

• Mitochondria 0.2-1nm in diameter and 10 micrometer long 

• Enzymes in mitochondria are located in inner membrane (cristae) 

• Matrix - energy rich area

• Golgi bodies - 1898 discovered 

• Cis face is recieving end of golgi apparatus 

• Trans face is shipping side 

• Tay sachs death by age 3 

• Gaucher infant form 

• Krabbe death by age 2 

• Proplastids occur in meristematic tissues 

• Glyoxysome fatty acid into sugar 

• Microfilaments actin and myosin 

• Intermediate vimnetin 

• Microtubules tubulin 

• Eukaryotes 80s ribosome, small 40s large 60s subunits 

• Prokaryotes 70s ribosome, 50s large 30s small subunits 

• Ribosomes contain abt 50 diff kinds of proteins Ribosomes are attached to er by large subunits 

• Centrosome contain pair of centrioles 

• Vacuoles are nonprotoplasmic 

• Plant vacuoles act as lysosome 

• Homology divergent evolution 

• Analogy convergent evolution 

• Main tool for classifying organisms- genetics

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