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1st Year Physics Important Long Questions Guess Paper 2024

1st Year Physics Important Long Questions Guess Paper 2021
Here we have published the 1st Year Physics Important Long Questions Guess Paper 2024. The long questions have been categorized as chapter wise. All important long questions from each chapter.

Chapter 2 Vectors and Equilibrium

  1. Vector Addition by Rectangular Components
  2. Scalar product
  3. Vector product
  4. Torque

Chapter 3 Motion and Force

  1. Law of Conservation of Momentum
  2. Projectile Motion

Chapter 4 Work and Energy

  1. Work done by the gravitational field
  2. absolute potential energy
  3. Inter-conversion of Potential Energy and Kinetic Energy

Chapter 5 Circular Motion

  1. Centripetal Force
  2. Define rotational kinetic energy and calculate the Rotational K.E of disc and hoop?
  3. Real and Apparent weight
  4. Geostationary orbits

Chapter 6 Fluid Dynamics

  1. Terminal Velocity
  2. Bernoulli's Equation

Chapter 7 Oscillation

  1. Simple Harmonic Motion and Circular Motion
  2. Horizontal mass-spring system
  3. simple pendulum
  4. Energy conservation in SHM

Chapter 8 Waves

  1. Speed of Sound in Air
  2. Effect of Temperature on the speed of sound
  3. Interference
  4. Beats
  5. Doppler's effect
  6. Stationary waves in stretched string and air column

Chapter 9 Physical Optics

  1. Young's double-slit experiment
  2. Michelson's Interferometer
  3. Diffraction grating
  4. diffraction of x-rays by crystals

chapter 10 Optical Instruments

  1. simple microscope
  2. compound microscope
  3. Astronomical telescope
  4. spectrometer
  5. total internal reflection and continuous refraction

chapter 11 Heat and Thermodynamics

  1. pressure of gas
  2. interpretation of temperature
  3. define the 1st law of thermodynamics and describe the isothermal and adiabatic process?
  4. molar specific heat of gas (Cp - Cv = R)
  5. Caunut Theorem

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