Friday 11 December 2020

1st Year Biology Chapter 3 Enzymes MCQs

1st Year Biology Chapter 3 Enzymes MCQs

If you are a student of 11th class biology and looking for the mcqs of chapter 3 then here we have shared the 1st Year Biology Chapter 3 Enzymes MCQs.

• Enzymes are globular proteins 

• Co factor= bridge between enzyme and substrate 

• Non-protein part covalently bonded to enzyme= prosthetic group 

• Loosely attached to protein part= coenzyme 

• Enzymes simply dissolved in cytoplasm 

• Active site of enzymes= binding site+ catalytic site 

• pH 

• Pepsin 2 

• Sucrase 4.5 

• Enterokinase 5.5 

• Salivary amylase 6.8 

• Catalase 7.6 

• Chymotrypsin 7-8 

• Pancreatic lipase 9 

• Arginase 9.7 

• Chlorenchymatous cells carry out photosynthesis 

• Cell membrane 

• 60-80% protein 

• 20-40% lipids 

• Peptidoglycan= murien 

• Large and small subunit of ribosome attachment is controlled by Mg +2 ion 

• Old mitichondria digested by lysosomes by autophagy 

• Centrioles play a role in formation of cilia 

• Undifferentiated cells have 30000 nuclear pores per nucleus 

• Erythrocytes have 3-4pores/nucleus 

• Chromosome 

• Chimpanzee 48 

• Onion 16 

• Potato 48

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