Friday 24 July 2020

Important Chemistry Points for MCQs preparation for Entry Tests

Important Chemistry Points for MCQs preparation for Entry Tests
If you are the student of fsc and going to appear in the various entrance tests like MDCAT, ECAT, NUST entry test or any other test and looking for the handy key points of chemistry which include all important topics then here we have shared the Important Chemistry Points for MCQs preparation for Entry Tests pdf download or read them online.

Download Notes pdf Here

Entry tests are very important for the admission in Engineering
University. Almost every good and well-known university like
UET, NUST, PIEAS, GIKI, etc. conduct entry tests. So you should
have the quality which differs between you and the rest of the
candidates. You should be hard working and your self-confidence should be very high and you should have firm faith
in ALLAH. Many students think that getting admission in UET is
the first and last thing. No doubt, UET has a name in engineering
but there are many other options for you. Apply in every
university, appear in all the entry tests, keep your hard work
continue and In Sha ALLAH you will get what you deserved.
This document contains important points for Chemistry. In
Entry test, you don’t have to solve the question and show the
solution as in board exams. The entry test is different. You have to
guess the right option and you will get full marks. If you have
good concepts then there will be no difficulties for you.

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