Thursday 23 July 2020

2nd Year Maths Notes pdf - 12th class math

2nd Year Maths Notes pdf - 12th class math

If you are fsc student who is in search of the 12th class mathematic notes then you are at the right page because here we have shared the 2nd Year Maths Notes pdf - 12th class math. 

Below are the notes of all seven chapters of math subject chapter-wise.

2nd Year Maths Notes Notes of 12th class FSc Maths All seven chapters
Chapter No. Chapter Name Download Link
1 Functions and Limits Download
2 Differentiation Download
3 Integration Download
4 Introduction to Analytical Geometry Download
5 Linear Inequalities and Linear Programming Download
6 Conic Section Download
7 Vectors Download

How to study these Notes

These notes include the definitions of all the terms in the given chapter along with examples. So that students can better understand the basic concepts of the topics. It also includes all the formulas and examples to better explain the concepts. In the end it includes the exercise multiple-choice questions to test your learned knowledge about the chapter. Start to study chronologically from start to finish. And In the end, solve the given MCQs to test your preparation. The answers to the MCQs are given at the end so that you can match your answers with the correct one.

Notes from Well-reputed Institution

These notes are published by a well-reputed institution in Pakistan KIPS. Kips have published these notes for the students' preparation. KIPS is one of the best institutions and priorities of many students for their preparation of fsc maths. So it means these notes are 100 percent authentic and well written according to the the annual exam pattern. They will help you gain maximum marks in your Math paper.

How to Download 12th Math Notes

The download process of the 2nd year notes is very simple and easy. There are no unnecessary encumbrances in the way of the downloading process. All you have to do is click on the download link of the chapter from the aforementioned table. It will lead you to the page of that respective chapter. From there you will find an online version of the chapter with which you can study the notes online without downloading. To download in your device below the embed file there is a link for it. Simply click on the link and the download will begin immediately with fast speed.

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