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FSc 1st Year Biology Chapter 11 MCQs pdf Download

 FSc 1st Year Biology Chapter 11 MCQs pdf Download
If you are looking for the MCQs of Biology 11th class chapter 11 then here we have written all important FSc 1st Year Biology Chapter 11 MCQs pdf Download

1. The number of chloroplast in each mesophyll cell is about:
a) 10-100 b) 10-200 c) 20-100 d) 20-200
Correct Answer

2. The first step in the Kerbs cycle is the union of acetyl CoA with oxaloacetate to form:
a) Isocitrate b) - Ketoglutarate c) Citrate d) Malate
Correct Answer

3. The electron transport chain system plays a role in the generation of ATP by:
a) Photosynthesis b) Chemiosmosis c) Photosystem d) Dark reaction
Correct Answer

4. The quantitative study of the energy relationship in a biological system is called:
a) Bioenergetics b) Biosynthesis c) Biodegradation d) Biotechnology
Correct Answer

5. Photosynthetic pigments in plants are organized into clusters, called:
a) Photoperiods b) Photolysis c) Photosystems d) Photophosphorylation
Correct Answer

6. The iron-containing protein is:
a) Cytochrome c b) Cytochrome a c) Cytochrome b  d) Cytochrome
Correct Answer
Cytochrome b

7. Magnesium of chlorophyll is replaced in hemoglobin by:
a) Calcium b) Potassium c) Iron d) Phosphorus
Correct Answer

8. Haeme portion of hemoglobin is same as porphyrin ring with a difference of:
a) Carbon atom b) Hydrogen atom c) Iron atom d) Oxygen atom
Correct Answer
Iron atom

9. A process in which ribulose bisphosphate carboxylase/oxygenase (Rubisco) fixes oxygen instead of carbon dioxide is called:
a) Respiration b) Photorespiration c) Glycolysis d) Kerbs cycle
Correct Answer

10. Important sources of atmospheric oxygen released during photosynthesis is:
a) Glucose b) Nitrates c) Water d) Carbon dioxide
Correct Answer

11. The first action spectrum was obtained by:
a) T.W Engelmann b) Van Neil c) Malvin Calvin d) Ernst Haeckel
Correct Answer
T.W Engelmann

12. Which is not accessory pigment?
a) Chlorophyll a b) Chlorophyll b  c) Xanthophyll d) Carotene
Correct Answer
Chlorophyll a

13. Carbon dioxide enters the leaves through:
a) Epidermis b) Cuticle c) Air spaces d) Stomata
Correct Answer

14. The first step of the Krebs cycle is the union of acetyl CoA with oxaloacetate to form:
a) Isocitrate b) A-ketoglutarate c) Citrate d) Malate
Correct Answer

15. Amount of solar energy required to synthesize 10 grams of glucose is:
a) 617.6 Kcal b) 717.6 kcal c) 817.6 Kcal d) 917.6 Kcal
Correct Answer
717.6 kcal

16. The area of Leaf Surface covered by stomata is only:
a) 2-4% b) 2-3% c) 1-2% d) 1-3%
Correct Answer

17. Glycolysis is the break down of glucose up to the formation of:
a) NAD b) Sulphuric acid c) ATP d) Pyruvic acid
Correct Answer
Pyruvic acid

18. Accessory photosynthetic pigments xanthophylls are:
a) Green in color b) Red in color c) Yellow in color d) Orange in color
Correct Answer
Yellow in color

19. The source of released in photosynthesis is:
a) b) Chlorophyll c) d) Glucose
Correct Answer

20. From one pyruvate passing through Krebs cycle how many molecules are formed?
a) 1 b) 2 c) 3 d) 4
Correct Answer

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