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FSc 1st Year Biology Chapter 12 MCQs pdf Download

FSc 1st Year Biology Chapter 12 MCQs pdf Download
If you are looking for the MCQs of Biology 11th class chapter 12 then here we have written all important FSc 1st Year Biology Chapter 12 MCQs pdf Download

1. One of the commonest causes of food poisoning is the toxins produced by:
a) Salmonella b) Campylobacter c) Both a & b d) None of them
Correct Answer
Both a & b

2. Which is not an example of ungulates:
a) Horses b) Cattle c) Sheep d) Chipmunk
Correct Answer

3. Deficiency of _____results in chlorosis/
a) Fe b) Mn c) K d) Mg
Correct Answer

4. If more protein is present in the food it stimulates the production of _________hormone.
a) Secretin b) Gastrin c) Renin d) Pepsin
Correct Answer

5. _________is characterized by bouts of overeating fattening food such as fried food or cream cakes.
a) Botulism b) Anorexia nervosa c) Anorexia bulimia d) None of them
Correct Answer
Anorexia bulimia

6. _________type of feeding occurs in the garden snail.
a) Tentacular b) Scraping c) Seizing d) None of them
Correct Answer

7. Gills of a common mussel is covered by:
a) Hairs b) Flagella c) Pili d) Cilia
Correct Answer

8. Bi-lobed leaf with midrib between them is the characteristic feature of?
a) Venus flytrap b) Drosera intermedia c) Dionaea muscipula d) Both a & c
Correct Answer
Both a & c

9. Mucus in the saliva is made of:
a) Glycoprotein b) Glycolipids c) Phopholipids d) Saturated fatty acids
Correct Answer

10. The enzyme found in saliva is:

a) Lipase b) Amylase c) Pepsin d) None of them
Correct Answer

11. The structure in the mouth that prevents food from entering the nasal cavities is the:
a) Epiglottis b) Soft palate c) Tongue d) Pharynx
Correct Answer
Soft palate

12. On the basis of their methods of nutrition, organisms are divided into________classes.
a) 2 b) 3 c) 4 d) 5
Correct Answer

13. The_______of cockroach is a short narrow tube called mesenteron stomach.
a) Fore gut b) Midgut c) Hindgut d) None of them
Correct Answer
Mid gut

14. A plant requires nitrogen and sulfur for its:
a) Cell wall b) Enzymes c) Starch deposits d) DNA replication
Correct Answer

15. _________parasites are capable of living independently of their hosts at times.
a) Endo b) Obligate c) Ecto d) Facultative
Correct Answer

16. Which of the following is not omnivores?
a) Bear b) Man c) Rat d) None of them
Correct Answer
None of them

17. Many humans become ill from consuming milk and milk products because they lack:
a) Bacteria in their intestines  b) Renin c) Lactase d) Hydrochloric acid
Correct Answer

18. The common name of Cuscuta is:
a) Keekar b) Dodder c) Sundew d) Venus flytrap
Correct Answer

19. Phosphorus is present in:
a) ATP b) DNA c) RNA d) All of them
Correct Answer
All of them

20. Lipase hydrolyzes a small percentage of fats into:
a) Glycerol b) Fatty acid c) Amino acid d) Both a & b
Correct Answer
Both a & b

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