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FSc 1st Year Biology Chapter 10 MCQs pdf Download

FSc 1st Year Biology Chapter 10 MCQs pdf Download
If you are looking for the MCQs of Biology 11th class chapter 10 then here we have written all important FSc 1st Year Biology Chapter 10 MCQs pdf Download

Tick the Correct Option: 

1. Enterobius vermicularis is commonly called:
a) Shipworms b) Hookworms c) Bookworms d) Pinworms
Correct Answer

2. Parapodia are the organs of locomotion in:
a) Neries b) Earthworm c) Leech d) Planaria
Correct Answer

3. Loligo is an animal of Phylum Mollusca which is commonly called:
a) Slug b) Garden snail c) Oyster d) Squid
Correct Answer

4. The number of legs in arachnids are:
a) 2 b) 4 c) 6 d) 8
Correct Answer

5. Placoids are absent in:
a) Sharks b) Skates c) Rays d) Trout
Correct Answer

6. Matamerically segmented animals are belonging to the:
a) Annelids b) Cnidarains c) Molluscus d) Echinoderms
Correct Answer

7. Sepia belongs to:
a) Cephalopoda b) Gastropoda c) Myriapoda d) Annelida
Correct Answer

8. The phylum which is exclusively marine is:
a) Cnidaria b) Porifera c) Echinodermata d) Annelida
Correct Answer

9. The animals that only exist in polyp form is:
a) Obelia b) Jellyfish c) Physalia d) Hydra
Correct Answer

10. The animal without a body cavity is called:
a) Eumetayoa b) Pseudocoelomata c) Coelomata d) Acoelomata
Correct Answer

11. Which is the true sequence of bones in the mammalian ear:
a) Malleus, incus, and stapes b) Incus and stapes c) Stapes and malleus d) Malleus and stapes
Correct Answer
Malleus, icnus and stapes

12. Roundworms are:
a) Acoelomates b) Pseudocoelomates c) Coelomates d) None of them
Correct Answer

13. Example of the placental mammal is:
a) Dolphin b) Kangaroo c) Echidna d) Opossum
Correct Answer

14. Which one of the following is included in tunicates:
a) Amphioxus b) Molgula c) Balanglossus d) Saccoglossus
Correct Answer

15. The common name for ancylostoma duodenale is:
a) Hookworm b) Pinworm c) Tapeworm d) Earth
Correct Answer

16. Schistosoma is commonly called:
a) Liver Fluke b) Tapeworm c) Planaria d) Blood fluke
Correct Answer
Blood fluke

17. Mammals have evolved from a reptilian ancestor known as:
a) Dinosaurs b) Varanope c) Cotylosaurs d) Ichthyossaus
Correct Answer

18. Garden snail belongs to class:
a) Gastropoda b) Cephalopoda c) Pelecypoda d) Arthropoda
Correct Answer

19. The largest invertebrate animal is:
a) Octopus b) Squid c) Anadonta d) Oyster
Correct Answer

20. It is universally accepted by biologists that mammals have evolved from reptilian ancestors called as:
a) Cotylosaurs b) Dinosaurs c) Cyclostomata d) Amphibians
Correct Answer

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