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FSc 1st Year Biology Chapter 9 MCQs pdf Download

FSc 1st Year Biology Chapter 9 MCQs pdf Download
If you are looking for the MCQs of Biology 11th class chapter 9 then here we have written all important FSc 1st Year Biology Chapter 9 MCQs pdf Download

Tick the Correct Option:

1. Arachis hypogea belong to the family:
a) Solanaceae b) Rosaceae c) Fabaceae d) Mimosaceae
Correct Answer

2. Clitoriaternatea is used against:
a) Dog bite b) Insect bite c) Horse bite d) Snakebite
Correct Answer

3. The part of the flower which develops into fruit is:
a) Flower b) Seed c) Ovule wall d) Ovary wall
Correct Answer
Ovary wall

4. Pulse producing plants are belonging to the family:
a) Rosaceae b) Solanaceae c) Fabaceae d) Poaceae
Correct Answer

5. The biological name of sweat pea is:
a) Lathyrus Adoratus b) Arachis IIypogea c) Solanum Nigrum d) Lycopersicum

Correct Answer
Lathyrus Adoratus
6. A haploid spermatozoid fuses with the haploid egg to produce diploid:
a) Oosphere b) Oospore c) Spore d) Gamete
Correct Answer

7. The living member of psiolopsida is:
a) Rhynia b) Cooksonia c) Psilophyton d) Tmesipteris
Correct Answer

8. The term lodicules refer to:
a) Bract b) Bracteoles c) Perianth d) Calyx
Correct Answer

9. The bryophytes are non-vascular plants:
a) Flowering plants b) Flowerless plants c) Gametophytic plants d) Sporophytic plants
Correct Answer
Flowerless plants

10. Double fertilization is a special process found in:
a) Ferns b) Bryophytes c) Gymnosperms d) Angiosperms
Correct Answer

11. The vascular system is absent in:
a) Bryophytes b) Pteridophytes c) Gymnosperms d) Angiosperms
Correct Answer

12. Arachis hypogea belong to the family:
a) Rosaceae b) Solanaceae c) Fabaceae d) Caesalpiniaceae
Correct Answer

13. A living genus of psilopsida is:
a) Cooksonia b) Psilophyton c) Horneophyton d) Psilotum
Correct Answer

14. A flower is modified:
a) Root hair b) Shoot c) Leaf d) Root
Correct Answer

15. Which one is used against snake bite?
a) Glycyrrhiza glabra b) Abrus preacatorious c) Clitoria ternatea d) Indigofera tinctria
Correct Answer
Clitoria ternatea

16. Which one of the following belongs to group Bryopsida?
a) Polytrichum b) Anthoceros c) Marchantia d) Perella
Correct Answer

17. Amphibious plant belongs to the group:
a) Angiospermae b) Bryophyta c) Pteridophyta d) Feliciana
Correct Answer

18. Members of subdivision Hepaticopsida are commonly called:
a) Horsetails b) Club Moses c) Hornworts d) Liverworts
Correct Answer

19. The scientific name of the peanut is:
a) Lathyrus odoratus b) Arachius hypogea c) Dalbergia sissoo d) Tamarindas indica
Correct Answer
Arachius hypogea

20. The biological name of Kachnar is:
a) Tamarindus indica b) Cassia Fistula c) Cassia Renna d) Bauhinia variegate
Correct Answer
Bauhinia variegate

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