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PPSC Social Security Labour Department paper solved 2019

PPSC Social Security Labour Department paper solved 2019
If you are looking for the solved past past papers of PPSC then here we have shared the PPSC Social Security Labour Department paper solved 2019.

1. Glaciers are found in how many countries?50

2. Currency of Nigeria?Nigerian naira

3. Meaning of Zam Zam is?stop flowing

4. Who became President of USA after J.F.Kennedy?Lyndon Baines Johnson

5. 1818 treaty sanctioned UK and USA to capture which are?

6. Who colonised Argentine in 16th century?Spain

7. FPSC act was formed under which act of India?1935

8. In 1919 act, law and order was the subject of?Indian ministers

9. Synonym of Impeccable?in accordance with the highest standards; faultless.

10. Synonym of Apparel?

11. Synonym of Coagulate?

12. Antonym of gullible?

13. Meaning of "a pipe dream"?

14. Do not judge a book by?

15. In absence heart grows?

16. Bone of shoulder girdle is?

17. Light of sun can be focused by which lens or mirror?

18. Abdul Khaliq is called the flying bird of.....?

19. Who mad HTPP?

20.Nusrat Ali Khan died in?

21.Who regulate media?

22. Dublin is the capital of?

23. Fastest memory of computer is called?

24. First gymnastic world cup?

25. Roger has won ow many single grand slams?

26. Martin Hinggis is the tennis player of?

27. Gift of nile is?

28. Foster mother of Prophet PBUH who was maid of Abu Lahab?

29. Land of Prophets?

30. Liaqat Nehru pact was signed to deal the issue of?

31. Who was founder of Saudi Arabia?

32. Comrade was published in which year?

33. Author of "India wins Freedom"?

34. Fox is the news channel of?

35. Al jazira is the news channel of?

36. Who made most runs in ODI by Pakistan?

37. فوج کی جمع؟

38۔ بانگ درا کی پہلی نظم؟

39۔ شکوہ اور جواب شکوہ کس میں ہیں؟

40۔ بنت العنب کا معنی؟

41۔ تجاہل عارفانی ک معنی؟

42۔ انکل عرفی کس کا کردار ہے؟

43۔ "غزل نیم وحشی صنف سخن" کس نے کہا؟

44۔ ہمدرد اخبار کون نکالتے تھے؟

45.Largest dam of Japan?

46. Artificial lake in Rawalkot?

47. If X and Y are directly proportional and X=8. Y=2 then If Y=10, find the value of X?

48. First movie of Pakistan?

49. If A, B, C divide profit with 2:4:7 and total is 52000. Find the sum of lowest and highest profit. 36000 Ans

50. Wow is conjunction or interjection?

51. South pole is located in?

52. Al halal published in which year?

53. Proverb in urdu was bohri ghori laal lagam.

54. Mughal civil militry head of province was called?

55. Mervyn middlecoat of Pak Airforce was wing commodore

56. Google head quarter is in?

57. Series


Ans. 15

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