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PPSC Municipal Officers Local Government CEO Paper solved 2019

PPSC Municipal Officers Local Government CEO Paper solved 2019
If you are looking for the solved past past papers of PPSC then here we have shared the PPSC Municipal Officers Local Government CEO Paper solved 2019.
1. 22 April is earth day
2. My computer is used first time in Window 95
3. Olympic after 4 years
4. Gutter in ms word?All of these
5. Increasing salt in soil is called salinization of soil
6. General dyer:Jalanwala bagh
7. Prem chand چوگان ھستی..
8. AFP news Agency...Fracne
9. 2020 Asia cup...Pakistan
10. UAE states....07
11. Quit india movement...1942
12. President elected by...Senate PA and NA
13. Governor appointed by...president
14. Lake nearest to Quetta...Hanna
15. Founding father of USA...George Washington
16. Kamal Rivizi was given pride of performance award in 1989 because of...Alif Noon drama
17. Dodhu mian was the son of...Haji Shriat ullah
18. Monarchy abolished in 2008 in...Nepal
19. Who said Nehru report is a hindu report..??
20. A frog in the well knows nothing about ...Ocean
21. Hyko my kitny misray hoty..3
22. He went.... the
23. Morocco capital...Rabat
24. Quran m manzlein....7
25. Propeht SAW met whom on 1st sky...Hazrat Adam
26. Hottest planet...venus
27. Farmosa old name? Taiwan
28. Tehzib ul ikhlaq;Sir Syed Ahmad Khan
29. 4404 divisible by 12
30. 9kg and 450 garms=20 packages
31. Tax 250 rent per month 10% tax annually,12% repair etc= 264
32. X power=32 is equal to 5
33. Myopic……old or near sighted etc
34. Insolvent in English mcq
35. Elbert Einstein disability? Dyslexia
36. Scientist discovered which new organ? mesentery
37. Sugar in milk? Lactose
38. F8 press thrice makes? Sentence

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