Wednesday 1 January 2020

PPSC Communication Security Assistant Paper Solved 2019

PPSC Communication Security Assistant Paper Solved 2019
If you are looking for the solved past past papers of PPSC then here we have shared the PPSC Communication Security Assistant Paper Solved 2019.

1. North Korea test It's Six Nuclear test on which Mountain
2. Capital of Taiwan
3. Who is Robert Mugabe
4. Main agent of soil erosion
5. Headquarters of OIC
6. First OIC Summit Held in
7. Who is Umm ul Momineen
8. Genoa Seaport is Located in
9. habsburg monarchy in which
10. In which Year Pakistan won it's 4th Hokey worldcup
11. Who is chairman of joint Committee staff
12. Meaning of Rami in Islam
13. UN body Deals with Childern
14. Which Mughal fall from stairs and died
15. Which is not a gland ? Liver.Stomach.Kidney.Panclers
16. Which hazara leader Call Hunger Strike
17. Milkman add 10 liter milk into 10 liter water and his son takes 15 liter milk and add 5 liter water what is total quantity of water
18. A husband and wife has 6 married sons and each has 5 children how many family members are
19. 0.1÷100
20. A person where he live in makka village person called etc type questions
21. In Sri Lanka budu start Against Muslims and country of a state etc type questions
22. Largest glacier of South America
23. How many sets consist in tennis games
24. UNIX operating system Develop by
25. Shortcut key to break page
26. Eiffel tower is located in which city of European Country
27. Petronas Twin tower is located in
28. Black Sea is located in
29. Renewal resource of energy is
30. Fear of death is Called
31. National anthem was written in which Year
32. In which Amendment KPK name changed
33. The times famous newspaper start it's publishing
34. Punjab public service commission established in Which Year
35. Waris Shah was Born In
36. A man was 32 Year old when his daughter was born now he is five time old as his daughter now what's age of his daughter
37. Data Ganj Bakh Came to India with
38. Pakistan rejoin Commonwealth in 1989 and prime Minister was
39. Answer the email called
40. Urdu means of Call off
41. Assalamualaikum k bad Araz ha
42. Louder Drum .. Means Door k Dhol suhane

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