Wednesday 1 January 2020

NTS JUNIOR Auditor (BPS-11) Solved Paper 2019

NTS JUNIOR Auditor (BPS-11) Solved Paper 2019
If you are looking for the solved past past papers of NTS then here we have shared the NTS JUNIOR Auditor (BPS-11) Solved Paper 2019.

JUNIOR Auditor (BPS-11) Paper NTS

1- World largest city by area -- New York
2- 1st general assembly session -- Karachi
3- Abu jehl killed in Badar.
4- Sayyed Ul shuhda-- Hazrat Hamza
5- Smallest Ocean-- Arctic Ocean
6- Torah text Book-- Judaism
7- Maple leaf in flag-- Canada
8- Total Surat-- 114
9- LFO was given by Gen Yahyah in 1970
10- 1956 constitution was demolished on 7th October 1958
11- 1st slave Muslim-- Hazrat Zaid
12- Hazrat Abu Bakar Caliphate Time-- Actual time 2 years and 3 months but option was not available so we could say 2 or 2.5.
13- Baba fareed-- 1st Punjabi poet
14- World 2nd largest River-- Amazon
15- Astronomical Year--- Light year
16- Evening Star-- Venus
17- Bull fighting-- Spain
18- Statue of Liberty was gifted by-- France
19- Smallest Data Storage-- Bit
20- Earth Middle surface-- Mantle
21- net income + operating profit - -gross profit
22: jalianwala bagh - 1919
23- father of shah waliullah - shah abdul raheem
24: forge synonym fake
25: convertible synonym exchangeable
26: throw antonym catch
27: proper antonym incorrect
28: bees Build their hives contain acid
29: ali’s dr said——— for a week.
30: this ——- to be (something)
31: eraser:paper —— ?
32: train : rail road — truck: highway
33: Geology: Earth——?
34: bridge:card ——?
35: m.bin qasim won war of debul - 712
36: Muslim rule begans in sindh in which khilaft - “Abassids”
37: coastal area of Pakistan - 1046
38: which country northwest of Pakistan - Afghanistan

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