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Hostel Life English Essay for 10th and 12th Class

Hostel Life English Essay for 10th and 12th Class
Looking for comprehensive English essay with quotations on Hostel Life? Here we have written Hostel Life English Essay for 10th and 12th Class.

Hostel Life English Essay

The phrase, "there is no place like home" is soon to give way a likely new phrase, there place like hostel. The people, who have won their days out in hostel, if asked, will regard the moments the best of their lives. Hostel is a palace where one is master of one's own sel Students are free from many social and moral restrictions like parental pressure, sibling rivalry and other social conformities. It is almost as if they grow a pair of wings, and are ready to u high, to live the life of their dreams.
There are many advantages of living in a hostel. The dweller needs to take care of his c affairs, manage his own stufy, and take his own decisions and so on. This creates a sense of responsibility in him at a relatively early stage, as compared to day scholars who would still be nestled in the warmth of parental care. The students who depend on their own develop a practical view of life than those who are always pampered by parents.
Hostel is boon for those who have a disturbed home atmosphere. Homes are not meant for studies. There is less likelihood that parents arrange a corner for their children to study there Hostels are purpose-built: these are built for students or job oriented people, keeping in view their needs. Often they are near the places where these people go for study or job, saving their time. So staying in a hostel comes as a blessing in disguise as it keeps students away from all the troubles and lets them focus on more important things, especially studies.
 From an academie perspective also. staying in a hostel proves to be advantageous. We are far removed from the day-today distractions and other household responsibilities at home. This gives us a lot of time to spend on studies, and secure better grades.
Besides studies, hostel life provides us many opportunities to take part in extra-curricular activities like arts and sports. In most colleges, it is the hostel mates who take up active roles in sports and other organizing events because they can afford time. By getting involved in all these activities, they develop valuable qualities like responsibility. dedication, hard work and problem solving skills, which would stand them in great stead for their future corporate lives.
Hostel life also provides a chance to peep into true nature of one's fellow beings. On duty or in college, people follow a uniform code that provides them an opportunity to conceal their real face behind a mask. But. hen one lives in hostel. his roommate judges his true nature that couldn't be otherwise in years. How they wear, eat, sleep either cleanly or filthily: selflessly or selfishly, everything dawns upon Friend's responses to each other's work as mirror for the wise to improve develop and mend behavior.
Hostel life has its own share of dangers to. Freedom from parental control can be advisable only if it is used properly. Students, especially those who have had to live in a highly restricted environment, suddenly cherish the newly found freedom of a hostel. Their only aim would be enjoying. These people often lose sight of what is right or wrong, and end up with disastrous consequences. Some of them are even misled into drugs, gambling and street crimes. Also if gang they belong to likes to hang out all the time, they too might be misguided .This would take away their focus from the most important objective, study. These are not the only hazards; hostel life has got other disadvantages like bad food, dirty surroundings and lack of proper facilita In the final analysis, we can say that hostel life is an opportunity not a trial. It develops matur confidence and modernity among the dwellers of it. Gone are the days when people wrote letts to their sons to behave sensibly in hostels. Polonius (a character in Shakespeare's play, Hami altered memorable words of advice to his son while sending him to hostel. But now the children are the trend-setters, for they see new ways of life and expect their families to adapt their. I heart of the matter is to use this phase of life reasonably that would benefit the person in his a years

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