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Technical Education English Essay with Quotations for 10th and 12th Class

Technical Education English Essay with Quotations for 10th and 12th Class
Looking for comprehensive english essay with quotations on Technical Education? Here we have written Technical Education English Essay for 10th and 12th Class.

Technical Education English Essay

 "Science is a key which unlocks for mankind a store of nature"
 (Samuel Johnson)
 In the present day of keen competition and hard struggle, general education is found to be sadly insufficient to procure for man his livelihood .The number of men with general education legion and all the various departments where these men can be provided are literally packed.The unemployment problem is growing keener and keener every day and unrest and discontent daily gaining ground
 Technical education means teaching students and others some practical or mechanical art t includes training in trade, commerce. carpentry, weaving.agriculture. medicines and engineering. It helps to meet the needs of today's world of machines. Those who get ce education become technical experts or technicians.
 Technical education plays a very pivotal role in the modern age. It produces engineers, builders doctors and technicians. It promotes the material and economic advancement. People begin to have faith in the dignity of labour. We can save a lot of foreign exchange if we have our own technical experts
 "Man loves to wonder and that is the seed of science."
Technical education is lacking in Pakistan. Our schools and colleges produce men who are fit! only to be clerks. Our youth hankers after office jobs. They dislike to work in factories and hate 14 to learn practical skills. This is why unemployment is on the rise in the country. Poverty in Pakistan is due to the neglect of technical education. Our country is rich in raw material resources, but we cannot enjoy the advantages only because we are not equipped with any technical knowledge.
 "Science is nothing but trained and organized common sense."
 We can make speedy agricultural progress by using machines. To become self-sufficient in food, we shall have to set up industries that produce agricultural machines. We need a great number of highly qualified technical experts and well-trained technicians to handle, look after and repair machines. This is possible only it we have schools, colleges and universities where technical and scientific education is imparted to the students.
 Pakistan is a developing country. We have to build new roads, hospitals, bridges and dams, and for this we need engineers and skilled workers. We should be able to use our natural resources like coal, gas and electricity to make Pakistan a developed country.
 In all the important cities of Pakistan, technical schools and institutions are being opened every year. We need more and more such institutions. The idea of the dignity of labour should be popularized among the students. They should be encouraged to get technical education for their bright future. In spite of the immense value of technical education .the attitude of educated people towards it is not what it should be.
 In short, technical education makes a country rich, prosperous and resourceful, but it has cera limitations also. Too much of technical education changes a man into a machine. We should never lose our sense of proportion. We should also have an element of liberal education in technical education
 A man of science is just a student of nature and derives his inspiration from her."

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