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Life in a Big City English Essay for 10th and 12th Class

Life in Big City English Essay for 10th and 12th Class
Looking for comprehensive English essay with quotations on Life in Big City? Here we have written Life in Big City English Essay for 10th and 12th Class.

Life in a Big City English Essay

 I've been in many of them and to some extent I would have to say this: If you've seen one city slum you've seen them all.
 Gone are the days when man's life was confined to a certain locality. He lived all his life in a Concert in a small town. Because of modern facilities, distances do not matter at all, and the world has become a global village. According to modern economists, one should live in the Opportunities for his over-all growth
 capital of a country or, at least, in a metropolitan city. This will provide him with ample A big city caters to the academic, social, economic and various other needs of a modern man.
 There are more and better chances for education in a big city as there are numerous educational institutes and libraries in it. There are also better opportunities for economic activity in a big city.
 There are a number of openings here for a man to rise in life. There are also a lot of opportunities here for enjoyment and entertainment. A big city has also its demerits. Nothing is perfect in this world Perfection lies only in God.
 There is no peace and relaxation here as we find in the country life or in a small town. There is more loneliness and alienation in a big city, and as result, there are more psychological diseases and mental problems People here live a very hectic life, and they are caught in a vicious circle of getting and spending. Big city life is so fast that months and years pass away like days Leisure is tare and people do not have time to stay and stare The world is too much with them
City life is millions of people being lonesome together.
 (Henry David)
 A man living in a big city is quite often away from nature. There is a saying that a city never sleeps. So, a big city dweller never has a chance to see a sky full of stars or the beautiful scene of sun rising and sunset. The life style here is often unnatural and artificial. Narrow streets, scarcity of space and overflowing drains make life in big cities problematic. One experiences here all kinds of pollution, like noise pollution, water pollution, air pollution and atmospheric pollution.
 We can say that life in a big city is a mixed blessing. Although there are more and better chances for economic growth and social uplifting for man here, it is at the cost of his spiritual peace and oral well-being. People live a mechanical life here and they are often indulged in cut-throat competition. They struggle hard to surpass others in their mad race of better life style
Man's course begins in a garden, but it ends in a city
 Life in a big city is totally different from the life in a small town Modern network of banks, government and commercial institutes and many multinational companies are found only in a big city.So, big city life is inevitable for economic and political activities in order to keep pace with the modern world.
 To put the pre-going discussion in a nutshell, it can safely be opined that life in a big city has its critics and demerits. It is a type of rose with thorns. These thorns disintegrate the very soul of our social fabric because most people have their own axe to grind.
 "Life in a big city, though curse we may call it, Is indispensable to survive in the modern era".

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