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2nd Year English Chapter 7 Notes - 12th class English

2nd Year English Chapter 7 Notes - 12th class English
Looking for the 2nd Year English Chapter 7 Notes - 12th class English? Here we have published the notes of chapter My Financial Career. It also includes questions from KIPS English


 Write short answers (3-5 Lines/ Sentences) to the following questions:
What light do the following expressions throw on Leacock's state of mind when he entered the bank: looked timidly round; 'shambled in?
 When does the writer become an irresponsible idiot?
 Ans. The expressions like 'looked timidly round', and 'shambled in show Leacock's confused state of mind on entering the bank. He says that the moment he crosses the threshold of a bank to transact business there, he becomes an irresponsible idiot.
 Why did the manager come to think that Leacock had an awful secret to reveal?
 The manager came to think that Leacock had an awful secret to reveal from his unusual and secretive manners. In the bank Leacock insisted on seeing the manager 'alone Leacock's insistence made the manager feel that he was a detective and had an awful secret to reveal.
 What was the attitude of the manager towards Leacock on learning that he only wished to deposit fifty six dollars in the bank?
 After all the anticipation and suspense, when the manager finally leart that Leacock had come to deposit only 56 dollars, his attitude became cold. He opened the door and called the clerk to help him opening his account. The writer had to leave his office very disgracefully
 What other blunders did Leacock commit after leaving the manager's office?
 After leaving the manager's office, the writer went up to the accountant's wicket to open his account As if in a fit, he got his account opened at last. Then, he mistakenly wrote fifty six on the cheque while he wanted to withdraw six dollars for present use. Now, to insult to his own injuries, he tried to be a quick tempered person to cover up his another blunder
Aher the bank where did Leacock keep his money?
 Ans. After his misadventure in the bank, the writer kept his money in cash in his trousers M pocket and his savings in silver dollars in a sock.
 Give many examples as you can to show that Leacock was feeling completely lost in the bank all the time he was there.
 Ans. Leacock wanted to open an account in the bank. In confusion, he met the manager alone, and gave the impression that he was a detective. Then leaving the manager's room, he stepped into an open safe. Later, he wrote fifty-six dollar on the cheque instead of six. All these blunders reveal that he was completely lost all the time he was in the bank.


Write short answers (3-5 Lines/Sentences) to the following questions:
What does the author want to say In "My Financial Career"?
 Ans. The author wants to say that sometimes a man's nervousness leads him to commit many blunders. He gives his own account of committing many mistakes in the bank only because of his nervousness. He also implies that calmness and confidence in daily matters can keep us from humiliation.
 Why did the writer feel confused in the bank?
 The writer felt confused because he did not know how to open an account. The wickets. the clerks, the sight of money and everything else in the bank confused the writer.
 How much was the writer's salary raised?
 The writer's salary was raised to fifty dollars a month
 Why did Stephen Leacock go to the bank?
 What did the writer think when his salary was raised?
 When the salary of the writer was raised to fifty dollars a month, he thought that bank was the only place to save his surplus amount. His attempt to open an account in the bank, however. proved a misadventure
 Why did the writer want to see the manager?
 The writer thought that a person about to open an account must consult the manager. Therefore, he told the clerk that he wanted to see the manager.
 Why did the writer use the word 'alone'?
 The writer himself did not know why he had used the word alone. He used it only in his confusion. Moreover, the writer feared that without it the thing would seem self evident. That's why, used the word 'alone' quite unintentionally
Why did the manager take the writer to a private room?
 It was Leacock who insisted on seeing the manager alonc. His insistence suggested to him that he was a detective and had come to reveal some awful secret. Therefore, the, manager took him to his private room.
 How did the manager feel when the writer told him that he was not a detective?
 During their conversation in the private when Leacock told the manager that he was not a detective, the manager looked relieved but still serious. He concluded now that the writer was a very rich person and had come to open a large account
 How did the writer give the money to the accountant to open an account?
 The writer held his money clutched in a crumpled ball in his pocket. He poked the crumpled ball of money at the accountant with a quick convulsive movement. He did so in a way as if he were doing a conjuring trick.
 How did the writer finally get his account opened?
 After his humiliating exit from the manager's room, the writer went to the accountant.
 To deposit the money, he poked the ball of money at him as if he were doing a conjuring trick. He was too confused to realize what he was doing. In a trance, he wrote the sum on a slip and signed in a book. After that he accountant told him that it was opened.
 What mistake did the writer make while writing his cheque?
 The writer wanted to draw out six dollars for present use. In confusion, he wrote fifty six instead of six on the cheque.
 What impression did the people in the bank bave about the writer?
 The people in the bank had the impression that the writer was an invalid millionaire They thought so because the clerks were helping the writer to write out the cheque They did not know that he was too confused to do anything properly
What was the reaction of the bank officials when Stephen Leacock left the bank?
 What did the author bear as he left the bank?
 After the excessively humiliating misadventure, as the writer left the bank and the big door swung behind him, he heard a roar of laughter. Everybody in the bank was laughing at the writer's follies.

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