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2nd Year English Chapter 5 Notes - 12th class English

2nd Year English Chapter 5 Notes - 12th class English
Looking for the 2nd Year English Chapter 5 Notes - 12th class English? Here we have published the notes of chapter On Destroying books. It also includes questions from KIPS English


 Write short answers (3-5 Lines/ Sentences) to the following questions:
 What sort of books were presented by the British public to soldiers?
 Most of the books presented to the soldiers were quite ordinary and suitable. However some people sent the oddest things such as magazines twenty years old, guides to the Lake District, and back numbers of Whitaker's Almanac.
 Why should bad books be destroyed?
 Bad books should be destroyed because:
 They make more room for new and readable books They save one's heirs from the trouble of sorting out the rubbish or storing it.
 Why is it difficult to destroy books?
 It is difficult to destroy books because there is no proper way of destroying them According to the writer, It is also sometimes difficult to find a scaffold for them. This difficulty once brought him almost within the shadow of death.
 Why couldn't the author burn the unwanted books?
 The author could not burn the unwanted books because he had scores of them and he had no kitchen range in his small flat He could not toast them on the gas-cooker or consume them leaf by leaf in his small study fire So, the author found it very difficult to get rid of the books
 How did the author finally decide to get rid of the useless books?
 The author finally decided to do to the books what so many people do to the kittens He decided to stuff these books into a sack and throw them in the river in the darkness of the night
 Describe the author's midnight venture to throw the books in the river and the suspicions which his action were likely to arouse.
 The author stuffed the books into a sack and came out into the cold to throw them into the river. He feared that people would think he was carrying swag in the sack. He was also disturbed by the expected splash which the sack would produce. He thought that the people would take it for a baby.


 Write short answers (3-5 Lines/ Sentences) to the following questions
Why did the people send old and odd books to the soldiers?
 According to the writer, in some cases these indigestible might have got into the parcel just by accident. However, it is also likely that many people might have jumped sent these books just to get rid of them.
 Why did the writer decide to get of unwanted books?
 What options did the author have as books of inferior minor verse gradually accumulated in his flat?
 The author was living in a small bar in Chelsea. Too many books of inferior verse gradually gathered in his flat. Now he could either throw out the books and stay there or leave them in sole undisturbed tenancy and take room elsewhere. The author preferred getting rid of them.
 What kind of atmosphere was there when the writer stepped into the street to start his mid night adventure?
 It was nearly midnight when the author stepped into the street. There was a cold nip in the air. The sky was full of stars, and few people were about.
 What did the writer feel as he passed a policeman?
 The author trembled slightly as he passed a policeman. He thought that the policeman would suspect that he had swag in his sack. He could not help the slight uncase which comes to all who are suspected by the police.
 What happened when the author heard a step near him?
 As the author was looking down into the river, he suddenly heard a step near him. Feeling frightened, he sprang back from the wall quite automatically. It was actually a tramp who walked away without looking at the author.
 What idea made the writer frightened when he thought of the spleen?
 As he was preparing to throw his books into the river, he was taken aback by the thought of the splash. He thought that whoever saw him or heard the splash would take the books for a baby, and would rush at him and catch him.
 What did the author think the constable would say if he told him that he had come out into the cold to get rid of poetry?
 The author thought that there would be no good of telling the constable that he had come out into the cold to get rid of a pack of poetry. He thought that the constable would laugh at him
 Narrate the feelings of J.C. Squire for the book while returning home.
 He thought a little sadly of the books falling into the cold river. He thought that books lay in the river forgotten while the unconscious world men went on. He felt pity for the books lying in the river in a living death.
 What sort of books did the author throw into the river?
 Name the books the writer had thrown into the river?
 The books that the author threw into the river were of inferior minor verse such as Odes to Diana, Sonnets to Ethel, Dramas on the Love of Lancelot, and Stanzas on a First Glimpse of Venice
Mention the satire present in "On Destroying Books".
 Ans. The writer has satirized the British people for presenting the oddest things they had to the army. He thinks that the people presented the books to the soldiers not because they loved them, but because they wanted to get rid of the books they did not want to keep.

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