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2nd Year English Chapter 11 Notes - 12th class English

2nd Year English Chapter 11 Notes - 12th class English
Looking for the 2nd Year English Chapter 11 Notes - 12th class English? Here we have published the notes of chapter First year at harrow. It also includes questions from KIPS English


 Write short answers (3-5 Lines/ Sentences) to the following questions:
The writer says that examiners ask questions which students cannot answer and not those which they can answer. Is the complaint just?
 Ans. As far as Churchill is concert d, his complaint is just. In this case, the examiners almost invariably asked the questions to which he was unable to suggest a satisfactory answer. Through those questions, the examiners tried to expose his ignorance.
 What sort of questions are asked by your examiners?
 The questions asked by our examiners are usually those which we cannot answer. The examiners almost everywhere in the world try to ask students such questions as may expose students' ignorance. They do not ask what the students know, but ask them what they do not know.
 Why didn't Churchill do well in examinations?
 Churchill was afraid of examinations and didn't do well in them because: The subjects which were dearest to the examiners were almost invariably those which he fancied least. The examiner asked almost invariably those questions to which he was unable to suggest satisfactory answers.
 How did Churchill perform in his entrance examination to Harrow?
 How did Churchill do his Latin paper?
 Churchill performed very badly in his entrance examination to Harrow. He could not answer a single question in the Latin paper. He wrote his name at the top of page, and then the number of the question 'l'. Later he put a bracket around it as ()'. But thereafter he could not think of anything relevant to the answer.
Churchill was taught English at Harrow and not Latin and Greek Was it again or loss?
 What good did Churchill's three years' stay at Harrow do to him?
 Churchill's three years long stay at Harrow did him a great advantage. He learned English thoroughly which he calls a noble thing. His school-fellows who studied Latin and Greek had ultimately to learn English to earn their living. So Churchill benefited a lot from his long stay at Harrow In after years
how did the knowledge of English stand Churchill in good stead?
 Why did Churchill not feel himself at any disadvantage after his three years' stay in the lowest form?
 Churchill found the knowledge of English much helpful in his practical life. A thorough knowledge of his national language helped him earn his livelihood and make his way in his life. Students who studied Latin and Greek and splendid things like that had to learn English ultimately to earn their living. Thus, Churchill gained much advantage from his learning English
 Write an appreciation or criticism of Churchill's views in regard to the study of Latin, Greek and English, and their value in earning a living 
 Why does the writer prefer English to Latin and Greek?
 Churchill is absolutely right in saying that national language must be learned first and any foreign language second. If one doesn't have a sufficient knowledge of one's national language, learning foreign language may not be of any value. Moreover, to cam livelihood and make way in life, one must have a thorough knowledge of one's national language.


 Write short answers (3-5 Lines/ Sentences) to the following questions: 0.1
 When did Churchill enter the unkind regions of examinations, and how long did he journey through them?
 How many year did Churchill spend in taking examinations?
 Churchill had scarcely passed his twelfth birthday when he entered the unkind regions of examinations. He was destined to journey through these regions for the next seven years
 What subjects would Churchill have liked to have been examined in?
 Churchill would have liked to have been examined in history, poetry and writing essays. The examiners, on the other hand, liked Latin and Mathematics.
 Why did Churchill have the greatest regard for the Headmaster, Mr. Welldon?
 Churchill had the greatest regard for Mr. Welldon because it was to his credit that Churchill was passed into Harrow. Despite his poor performance in his entrance test.
 Mr Wilson too broad minded view of Churchill's general ability, and granted him admission to Harrow. Churchill says that he was a man who could see beneath the solace
 Why was Churchill admitted to Harrow despite his poor performance?
 Churchill was admitted to Harrow despite his poor performance because the headmaster, Mr. Welldon, had judged the general ability in the writer. Churchill says that Mr. Welldon was capable of looking beneath the surface of things.
 Why was Churchill placed in the lowest division?
 Why were Churchill and other students in the lowest form taught only English?
 Churchill was placed in the lowest division because of his poor performance in entrance test. He and other students like him were considered such fools that they could learn only English. That's why, they were all made to learn the most disregarded thing English.
 Why was Churchill's name at the bottom in the school list?
 Ans. The names of the boys at Harrow were printed in the school list in alphabetical order. As the writer's correct name Winston Spencer Churchill began with an 'S', his name was at the bottom of the school list. The other two boys who were at the bottom left school in the very beginning through illness or some other cause.
 What duty was Mr. Somervell charged with, and what did Churchill gain form him?
 Mr. Somervell was charged with the duty of teaching the stupidest boys the most disregarded thing. namely to write only English. He taught English in a very interesting way. As a result, Churchill learned English thoroughly.
How did Mr. Somervell teach English?
 Ans. Somervell took a fairly long sentence and broke it up into its components by means of black. red. blue and green inks: Subject, Verb, Object, Relative Clauses and Conditional Clauses. Each had its colour and its bracket. It was a kind of drill, and Churchil: did it almost daily
Who was Sir Winston Churchill?
Winston Churchill was the prime minister of England during the Second World War. He is one of the world's best statesmen and literary figures. His best literary work is "The History of the English Speaking Peoples."
What is the real, full name of Churchill?
 Ans. The real, full name of Churchill is Sir Winston Spencer Churchill.
 Write a short note on Harrow.
 Harrow is one of the best traditional grammar schools in England. It was founDed by John Lion in 1572. It's a boy's school. It, like Eton, was a school of the first rank in England in Churchill's time to which he applied for admission.
 What are Churchill's views about the ntry tests?
 According to Churchill, examiners in entry test ask such questions as may expose students' ignorance. They do not a. hat the students know, but ask them what they do not know

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