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Role of Laptop in Education English Essay for Matric,12th, BA Classes

Role of Laptop in Education English Essay for Matric, 12th, BA Classes


 1. A vital tool in life
 2. Laptops make student's life easy and organized.
 3 Easy to carry and transport.
 4. Laptop in classrooms.
 5. Need of students.

 Laptops are considered to be a vital tool in the life of people from different walks of life including the student's life. In fact, a majority of students cannot imagine functioning without a laptop in their daily lives. However, people including the students in their sixties and seventies have lived without having a laptop and computer. Today, the presence of laptops in student's life is a must considering a number of functionality which makes their life easy and fast. Students pursuing a number of degree courses in various universities enjoy the portability factor by having the laptops. This has, therefore, helped the students to a great extent while dealing with their school work on time and that too with perfection The students now a days instead of carrying a number of books and notebooks simply have a laptop and enjoy a number of benefits from it. They can now use the laptop to complete their school or college assignments anywhere they go. Their life has become pretty organized and structured as compared to the previous students who didn't own the laptops The students can now complete their course work in just one single unit laptops instead of dealing with a number of books and copies and in this way the fear of losing anything goes away.
 The laptops in these days are lightweight. Hence, you will find a number of extremely lightweight machines available in the market. Students can, therefore, enjoy the freedom of carrying lightweight and portable machine encompassing their research or school work anywhere they want. The college libraries these days have embarked with wifi which makes the students to access the internet on their laptops to start their research or school work at any point of time, rather than waiting for any computer access. Moreover, a student having a laptop has hardly to worry about the library timings, since he or she can get all the required data and information over the machine and work from anywhere. This saves their time and thus can help them to use it for their studies and other academic activities. So with so much ease in use and portability, laptops are becoming a good substitute to heavyweight books.
 The students when carry their laptops in their classroom can take down the notes of any lecture. They can quickly and easily record a number of important points as delivered in the lecture without facing problems like breaking the pencil lead or the ink or paper shortage Hence, you do not have to worry about your pen's ink and also about the hand cramp. The students can now have a tailor-made features over their laptop as per their requirements to allow them for efficient and optimum level of files and information management As compared to the hard copy files, papers and folders, the students evident an organized student life with the presence of laptops. Apart from these things, the students find this tool handy in preparing various presentations which they require for their project and school assignments
 The laptop is a great tool for students; it not only makes their life easy but also organized. Hence considering the number of benefits the students enjoy, you will find more and more colleges and schools incorporating laptops in their classrooms. The importance and significance of laptops will always remain for the students as you can now see computers governing all the walks of life including the education to a great extent. So students need laptops.

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