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Chapter 6 The Atmosphere Important MCQs with Answers | 10th Class Chemistry

Chapter 6 The Atmosphere Important MCQs with Answers | 10th Class Chemistry
Here we have provided all the important Multiple choice questions and answers of Chapter The Atmosphere of 10th class chemistry.

MCQ 1: When ozone absorbs UV radiation, the energy is converted in to
A. light
B. sound
C. heat
D. electricity
MCQ 2: The reformation of ozone in stratosphere is powered by
A. UV radiation
B. atmospheric oxygen
C. sunlight
D. heat
MCQ 3: The thermosphere is situated above
A. 12 km
B. 50 km
C. 80 km
D. 10 km
MCQ 4: The layer which protects earth from being hit by meteoroids is
A. Troposphere
B. Mesosphere
C. Thermosphere
D. Stratosphere
MCQ 5: The atmosphere is divided in to
A. 2 layers
B. 3 layers
C. 1 layer
D. 4 layers
MCQ 6: The temperature variation in stratosphere is about
A. -5°C to 50°C
B. -5°C to -55°C
C. 10°C to 20°C
D. -55°C to -5°C
MCQ 7: The atmosphere consists of
A. gases
B. water vapors
C. chemicals
D. both A and B
MCQ 8: The maximum amount of ozone (O3) is present in
A. troposphere
B. stratosphere
C. mesosphere
D. thermosphere
MCQ 9: The mass of atmosphere contained in troposphere is about
A. 10-20%
B. 75-80%
C. 90-100%
D. 50-60%
MCQ 10: The upset caused in the natural balance of concentration of greenhouse gases is called
A. pollution
B. global warming
C. atmospheric poisoning
D. earth heating
MCQ 11: Ozone gas (O3) has
A. unpleasant odor
B. pleasant odor
C. no odor
D. orange color
MCQ 12: Solvents used for cleaning electronic circuit boards are
A. chlorofluorocarbons
B. carbons
C. fluorides
D. grease
MCQ 13: The amount of Nitrogen (N2) present in dry air is
A. 20%
B. 78%
C. 48%
D. 68%
MCQ 14: At every 1 km increase in altitude, the air gets about
A. 10°C cooler
B. 6.5°C hotter
C. 6.5°C cooler
D. 20°C cooler
MCQ 15: Atmospheric layer closest to earth's surface is
A. troposphere
B. mesosphere
C. stratosphere
D. thermosphere
MCQ 16: The gas responsible for global warming is
A. oxygen
B. carbon dioxide
C. carbon monoxide
D. oxygen
MCQ 17: The pH of acid rain is
A. more than 5.6
B. less than 5.6
C. 10
D. 7
MCQ 18: The compound which is responsible for acid rain is
A. Sulfur
B. Sulfur dioxide
C. Sulfur trioxide
D. nitrogen
MCQ 19: Ozone (O?) comprises of
A. one oxygen atom
B. 2 oxygen atoms
C. 3 oxygen atoms
D. 4 oxygen atoms
MCQ 20: The temperature of thermosphere is up to
A. 120°C
B. 1200°C
C. 1800°C
D. 1000°C
1. C
2. A
3. C
4. B
5. D
6. D
7. D
8. B
9. B
10. B
11. A
12. A
13. B
14. C
15. A
16. B
17. B
18. C
19. C
20. C 

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