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Chapter 4 Hydrocarbons Important MCQs with Answers | 10th Class Chemistry

Chapter 4 Hydrocarbons Important MCQs with Answers | 10th Class Chemistry
Here we have provided all the important Multiple choice questions and answers of Chapter Hydrocarbons of 10th class chemistry.

MCQ 1: When two carbon atoms share two electron pairs then they form
A. single bond
B. double bond
C. triple bond
D. coordinate covalent bond
MCQ 2: Alkanes that contain 5 to 17 atoms are in
A. solid state
B. liquid state
C. gaseous state
D. plasma state
MCQ 3: Addition of hydrogen to ethene forms
A. methane
B. propane
C. butane
D. ethane
MCQ 4: Loss of hydrogen halide from alkyl halide gives
A. alkenes
B. alkanes
C. alkynes
D. halogens
MCQ 5: Acetylene is another name of
A. ethene
B. propene
C. butene
D. pentene
MCQ 6: Alkanes (saturated hydrocarbons) have density
A. less than water
B. equal to water
C. more than water
D. more than mercury
MCQ 7: In alkanes (saturated hydrocarbons) each carbon atom forms
A. 2 bonds
B. 4 bonds
C. 6 bonds
D. 8 bonds
MCQ 8: The reaction of halogens (Group-VII) and alkane (saturated hydrocarbons) in presence of sunlight is an exam-
ple of
A. carbation
B. halogenation
C. substitution
D. hydrogenation
MCQ 9: Ethylene glycol is used as an
A. ripening agent
B. fertilizer
C. titrating agent
D. anti-freeze
MCQ 10: The red color of tomatoes is due to alkene named
A. ethene
B. propene
C. lycopene
D. butene
MCQ 11: The reaction of any substance with air is called
A. carbation
B. halogenation
C. sublimation
D. combustion
MCQ 12: Methane (CH4) is used as
A. domestic fuel
B. automobile fuel
C. urea manufacture
D. all of above
MCQ 13: The odor of ethyne is
A. onion like
B. garlic like
C. vinegar like
D. fruity
1. B
2. B
3. D
4. A
5. A
6. A
7. B
8. C
9. D
10. C
11. D
12. D
13. B 

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