Tuesday 23 October 2018

FPSC Assistant Director Past Paper 2018

FPSC Assistant Director Past Paper 2018
If you are looking for the past paper MCQs of the fpsc assistant Director 2018 then here we have shared the FPSC Assistant Director Past Paper 2018.
1. tsunami word of which language
2. Vatican city of which country
3. Rio de Janeiro of which country
4. bashar al asad president of which country
5. Nokia mobile of which country
6. first Hafiz e Quran among four caliphs
7. hero hitu monarchy of which country
8.panama country of which continent
9. pak won how many medals in Islamic solidarity games
10.when we sleep blood pressure increase or decrease etc
11.FDD stands for
12.GFFA organization for what purpose
13.first hocky world cup won by?
14. India attack on 11 sep 1948 which state
15.who known as ambassador for Muslims ans Hindus
16.quid become permanent president of Muslim league
17.mother of hazrat yousuf a.s
18. mother of hazrat ismail
19.who left alive in kaballa
20. current Islamic year
21.hu chi minh new name of which city
22.zun nun name of which prophet
Alexander 1 was the king of
24.spin baldak is in
25. chashma plant built which the help of which country

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