Friday 6 July 2018

General English Letter to News Editor for Multi-topics - Inter/BA/BSc

Examination Hall
ABC (City)
September 6, 1997
The Editor
The News

Subject: ___________


I request you to publish this letter in the esteemed and widely read columns of your paper. I hope that your highly reputed newspaper can be very useful to pave the way for the solution of this problem. It will definitely be helpful for the public and government to get information about the gravity of the problem, which will certainly cause its solution. Sometime ago there were complaints in the newspaper about  __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________.It was claimed that this type of negligence would not be tolerated. But the situation is still the same and complaints are persistent. In this respect, to remove this undesirable situation, I request the following steps:
i) The government herself should take suitable steps to get rid of the embarrassment.
ii) The public should also be warned to be careful and wise in future.
iii) Concerned staff should be made more alert and active.

The case is of vital importance because it concerns the general betterment. I hope that something will be done immediately to remove the fears and misgivings from the pubic mind.
Yours truly
General English Letter to News Editor for Multi-topics - Inter/BA/BSc

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