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English Letter To News Editor for Traffic Problem - Inter/BA/BSc Classes

Examination Hall,
January 15, 2003
The Editor
The Pakistan Times

Subject:                   Traffic Problem


Through columns of your reputed paper, I want to invite the attention of authorities to the traffic problem in big cities. As it involves the loss of property and life it demands priority. All authorities relating to traffic at local and intercity levels, are well aware of the fact that we have unqualified drivers, sub-standard vehicles, inefficient and corrupt administration. All these unhealthy factors contribute to traffic problems. In order to improve the traffic situation in big cities, I suggest the
following steps:

1. Roads should be widened, and local transport should strictly observe their allotted routes.
2. Only those vehicles should be allowed to come on the road, which are fit in all respects.
3. Traffic Police and other concerned staff should be efficient and honest.
4. Over speed should be checked and drivers found guilty should not be spared.
5. Public awareness about traffic rules should be given importance.

I hope if these suggestions are given importance, situation will improve and people will enjoy safe and smooth traveling.
Yours truly
English Letter To News Editor for Traffic Problem - Inter/BA/BSc Classes

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