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2nd Year Important English Essays 2021

2nd Year Important English Essays 2021
Looking for the list of the 12th class important English essays of 2020 annual exams? Here are the 2nd Year Important English Essays 2021. You can read the essays by clicking the link of every English essay,

Most Important Essays
  1.     My Hobby
  2.     My Aim In Life
  3.     My First Day At College or School
  4.     Unemployment
  5.     Science and Our Life
  6.     A Visit to Historical Place
  7.     Technical Education
  8.     My Hero / My favorite Personality / Quaid-e-Azam, Allama Iqbal
  9.     Pollution
  10.     Terrorism
  11.     Women’s Education
  12.     Internet Advantages and Disadvantages
  13.     Mobile Phone Advantages and Disadvantages
  14.     Co-Education
  15.     A Road Accident
  16.     Essay On My Aim 
Less Important Essays
  1. My Hobby / Sports and Games / A Cricket Match
  2. Our Festivals
  3. Over Population / Population Explosion
  4. Science and its Uses / Blessing of Science
  5. Student and Politics
  6. Television
  7. A Road Accident / Terrorism / A House on Fire / Horrors of War
  8. The Happiest Day of my Life
  9. The Journey of Train
  10. Unemployment
  11. Rising Prices
  12. A Rainy Day
  13. Child Labour
  14. A Birthday Ceremony
  15. Destruction of a Flood
  16. Women’s place in Pakistan
  17. Quaid-e-Azam
  18. An Ideal Teacher / An Ideal Student
  19. A Picnic Party
  20. The Importance of English / Importance of Computer
  21. A Visit to a Big City / A Visit to Hill Station / A Visit to Historical Place / A Visit to a Zoo / A Village Fair / A Visit to Fair
  22. Use and Abuse of Mobile Phones / Evils of Mobile Phone / Advantages and Disadvantages of Cell Phones / Cellular Phones
  23. Atomic Energy
  24. College/Hostel Life / My First/Last Day at College / Pleasures of College Life
  25. Corruption / Democracy / Election in Pakistan
  26. Examinations / Technical Education
  27. Dignity of Work
  28. Democracy
  29. Justice Delay is Justice Denied / Smuggling
  30. Life in a Big City / Village Life
  31. My Aim in Life / Life Today is Better than the Past
  32. My Dreams / My Future Dream
  33. My Favourite Book / Game / Personality
  34. My Hero in History

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