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2nd Year Solved Urdu to English Paragraphs Translation 2021

2nd Year Solved Urdu to English Paragraphs Translation 2021
Looking for the Urdu passages translation into English for 12th class English? Here is the 2nd Year Solved Urdu to English Paragraphs Translation 2021.

Paragraph 1:

Cramming is a disease. It does not develop confidence in students. They do not learn
se1fdependeflCY. Once one gets addicted to it, I becomes difficult for one to get rid of it. It is
the duty of the teachers to inculcate confidence in their students at the primary level and
encourage those students who would develop the ability to comment. Such students become
good writers on growing up. They do not follow anyone blindly.

Paragraph 2

t is the need of the hour to increase production and reduce the prices. The common
man is much worried economically. His earning is lesser than his expenses. Keeping in view
the low income, prices of groceries should be low. It is possible only when agricultural and
industrial production increases and people work day and night.
Paragraph 3
Razia Sultana was the eldest daughter of Shams-ud-din Altumash. Altumash loved her
very much. She was the most intelligent, wisest and most competent of all his children. Her all
brothers were dull, worthless and playful. They avoided studies and shirked war games but
Razia studied diligently and did every task carefully and zealously. Seeing this quality in her
daughter, Altumash started taking her advice in the affairs of the country.

Paragraph 4

The first part of the national character is patriotism. It is a passion that sacrifices personal
interests for the sake of national interests. The citizen of an independent country should think before doing every work whether it is beneficial for the nation or not. The second important part of the national character is to deal with honesty and justice in every walk of life.
Paragraph 5

Pakistan is facing several national and international problems these days. Our enemies are in a constant pursuit to harm us. We know it very well. The enemy of the Muslim Ummah
is very clever and cunning. To get out of these problems, we need a sincere and honest leader who can bring us out of destruction and oppression. We need to learn a lesson from our glorious past.

Paragraph 6

Punjabi is an old language but this is not only spoken in Punjab but also spoken
and understood in other provinces of Pakistan. In addition to this, there is hardly any country
in the world where the Punjabi speaking community does not exist. Punjabi resembles Urdu to a great extent. Both languages are written in the same script. Punjabi folk tales are famous all
around the world.
Paragraph 7

In these days, the importance of jungles is great. They make the atmosphere pleasant.
They reduce the severity of the weather. They stop windstorms, floods, salinity and waterlogging. They cause rainfall and stop snow from melting soon. They enhance the fertility of the soil. Jungles play an important role in the economic progress of a country.
Paragraph 8

Health is a great blessing, but man does not value it as long as he stays healthy. He
realizes ‘its worth when he comes across a minor ailment. If there is a pain in any part of the
body, the whole body is affected by it. A person enjoys eating, drinking, walking and working
only when he is healthy. Nothing gives pleasure when one is out of sorts. Life becomes
burdensome for those and their relatives who often remain ill.
Paragraph 9

I have a great passion for reading books, therefore, I spend most of my time in the
college library. I study books for hours and benefit myself from the great scholars of the
world. Sometimes I wonder why the majority of students are not seen in the library. Why is this place deserted? If students develop reading habit, our country will make progress by leaps and
Paragraph 10

The man keeps his fate in his own hands. He can make it good or bad. Man can attain a
high place in life by dint of hard work. Sometimes he fails in some effort but success and
failure go side by side in life. Success makes us happy whereas failure teaches us a lesson. We
should work hard. God does reward hard work.
 Paragraph 11

When you are getting old, you get very sleepy at times, and the time seems to pass like
cattle moving across a pasture. It was like that for Chips. He, like some old sea captain
measured time by the signals of the past. For him, Brook held School was more important than Greenwich time. In old age, he liked to sit by the fire and drank a cup of tea. He often got lost in the recollections of the past.
Paragraph 12

Allama Iqbal is our national poet. He was born at Sialkot and got his early education
from there as well. He came to Lahore then. He did his masters in Philosophy. He remained a professor at Government College for some time and went to England later on. On his return from. England, he started practicing law but he did not like it much. His major interest was in poetry and national issues. He has expressed his emotions in his verses.
Paragraph 13

Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) was the last prophet of Allah. He was born in Makkah.
The Arabs were idol worshipers at that time. The entire Society was plagued by different
evils. He (PBUH) led a very pious life. He started preaching Islam at the age of forty. The
Arabs turned against him and tortured him in many ways. He bore all the hardships. Some
people embraced Islam. Most of them were poor.
Paragraph 14

Kids are given corporal punishment in our schools. Its obvious purpose is to reform
the child. But it has been observed that children lose their self-confidence because of the
punishment. Aggressive behavior and emotions of rebellion develop in them. Resultantly,
they start hating their teacher and the school and quit going there.
Paragraph 15

A historian presents a true and complete picture of his age. He neither falsifies nor -
repeats. He does not bear grudge against any. Sometimes, two historians do not see eye to eye
with each other. They see the same picture and narrate different stories. The reason is that
they are human not machines. Humans are different from one another and see things from
different angles. Therefore, the personality of a historian is not missing in his writing.

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