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B.COM Business Law Important Questions Notes

B.COM Business Law Important Questions Notes
Here are the B.COM Business Law Important Questions Notes.
I a). Distinguish between valid and void contract
b. What are the essential of Proposal & Acceptance?
2a. What do you understand by Capacity of parties under Contract Act 1872?
b. What is the position of a contract with minor in Pakistan? Is there any contract with minor is valid? Explain.
3. (i) Define performance of contract.
(ii) Define breach of Contract.
4a. Distinguish between Sale and agreement to sale.
b. Give the rights of unpaid seller.
6a. Define CONSIDERATION under Contract Act 1872.
b. What are the exceptions to the rule “No Consideration. No Contract”?
7a. How contract is classified?
b. State the essential elements of an offer.
8. Define free consent. What are those factors, which influence it?
9a. What do you understand by bailment?
b. What are the rights and duties of bailor?
10a. Discuss the nature and extent of the liability of a surety.
b. What rights if any has the surety got against (1 ) Principal debtor (2)
The creditor (3) The Co-sureties?
11a. Define Common Carrier and its duties.
b. Distinguish between Charter party and Bill of Lading.
12a. Define Negotiable Instruments.
b. Explain the types of Negotiable Instruments.
13a. Distinguish between the Contracts of Guarantee and Indemnity.
b. How a Surety is discharged?
14a. What are the different ways for creation of Agency?
b. Give the rights and responsibilities of an Agent.
I5a. Define “Price” how it determine under Sales of Goods Act.
b. Describe different kinds of goods.
16a. Describe the rights and duties of common Carrier.
b. Define Character Party. What are implied warranties in contract of
carriage by sea.
17a. Define “Endorsement “ and state its kinds.
b. Distinction between bill ofexchange and cheques.
18. How labour Court Constituted? What are the main functions of a
Labour Court?
19. What are the provisions for:
(i) Daily Hours, (ii) Weekly Hours, (iii) Weekly Holiday, in Factories Acts.
20. What are the facts under which an employer is not liable to pay
compensation under workmen’s Compensation Act 1923?
21. What are the power and duties of inspector & Certifying Surgeon under
Factories Act I 923?
22a. Define collective bargaining Agent (CBA) and its duties.
b. What are the essential of Industrial disputes, define.
23. What do you know about the holidays and working hours under factory act.
24. What are the restrictions on the employment of Women and Children and adolescents? Describe.
25. Write a brief account of the provisions relating to Health and Safety of Workers under Factories Act.
26. Define strike and Lock out. Also state when strike shall be illegal.

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