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B.COM Business Communication Important Questions Notes

B.COM Business Communication Important Questions Notes
Looking for the Important questions of Business Communication B.COM? Here are the B.COM Business Communication Important Questions Notes.
1a. Define business communication. Why it is called the life blood of Business?
b. Explain briefly the factors of communication.
2. Why is it necessary to plan business communication?
3. Name the various principle of communication. Discuss any three principles.
4. Describe the legal aspects of DEFAMATION are INVASION OF PRIVACY in reference to business communication.
5. What is business communication? Differentiate between verbal and non-verbal communication.
6. Signify the importance of OPENING and CLOSING paragraphs.
7a. What methods would you follow to become an effective interviewer?
b. Define listening. State the result of good listening.
8a. Explain any seven “Commandments” for good listening.
b. State the responsibilities ofa Listener.
9a. Define interview, and describe various kinds of interviews.
b. What is the importance of opening paragraph of a Business Letter?
What suggestions will you give to make it effective?
10. What do you mean by leading and Participation? Discuss the types and state the steps for preparation and procedure of conducting a meeting.
11a. What part does the DICTATION play in communication?
b. What are the faults of DICTATION? What steps can be taken to overcome them?
I2a. Define the term MARKET.
b. State the function and contents of Market Report.
13a. Explain the concept leadership in business.
b. State the various function of a leader.
14a. Difference between Sales Letter and Sales promotion letter.
b. As a purchase manager of Zoya Samee Paradise Company. Shahbaz Avenue DHA, Karachi Write a good order letter for the supply of one hundred Skyrocket motorcycles recently launched in Pakistan.
I5a. The Resume provides a quick means of referring to factual details”. Explain the statement and state the contents of “Resume”.
b. As per advertisement in “DAWN” of its Sunday issue, Kashif industries, Karachi requires the services of a computer literate Commerce graduate to work as Assistant Accountant.
I6a. What is business report. How is business report classified?
b. Define Business report and its characteristics.
I7a. What do you mean by letter of order?
b. Define an inquiry letter, asking about the cause of delay and expected date of deliver. Assume necessary details.
18a. Briefly explain a Claim letter.
b. Draft a suitable letter of Adjustment acknowledging the complaint and satisfying the disgruntled part. Assume any necessary particulars.

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