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2nd Year English Notes Most Important Questions

2nd Year English Notes Most Important Questions
Looking for the 2nd year English Important questions? Here are the 2nd Year English Notes Most Important Questions

2nd Year English Notes

(Most Important Questions)
1. What are planets and how did they come into existence?
2. What, in your opinion, should be the conditions necessary, for the kind of life we know to exist on other heavenly bodies? Do such conditions generally exist?
3. How has the scientific method helped us in the production and preservation of foods?
4. What part did astrology play in the lives of men and women in the past? Give examples.
5. There are some boys who done well at school but fail to make their mark at college. Who are they? Do you have such boys in college in your country
6. There are some students who join college for the fun of it. Should they be allowed to stay?
7. What was the Daiches’ attitude towards the week-end as a school boy? Why
8. Wishes don’t come true in this life, writer Daiches. What are the things he longed for but could not have?
9. Was it interest of soldiers that prompted their action, or was it the wish to get rid of useless books?
10. Describe the author’s midnight venture to throw the books in the river and the suspicions which his action were likely to arouse.
11. He thought he was doing the doctor good turn by going to him? Why
12. What is the significance of the doctor’s advice: don’t stuff your head with things you don’t understand?
13. Why did the manager come to think that Leacock had an awful secret to reveal?
14. Give as many examples as you can to show that Leacock was feeling completely lost in the bank all the time he was there.
15. What are the social security benefits provided to the Chinese workers?
16. “It is the people and not the things that are decisive”. Discuss.
17. What is meant by birth-rate and dearth-rate, and how do they affect the population of a country?
18. What have public-health measures to do with increase in population?
19.In what respect penicillin better than chemical antiseptics?
In what respect is penicillin better than the chemical antiseptics?
20. Why couldn’t penicillin have been discovered in the research laboratories of America?
21. How did Pasture prove that spontaneous generation was not a fact?
22. How did Pasteur show the way to other scientists? Give an account of the discoveries.
23. What was the reaction of the Turkish patriots to the
intention of the Allies to partition the Ottoman Empire?
24. Why did Mehmet order Mustafa Kamal to return to Constantinople?
25. Who was Wetherby?
26. How did Mr. Chips win his first round at Brookiield?
27. What advice Mr. Wetherby gave to Mr. Chips?
28. Write a few lines on Brookfield?
29. What were Mr. Chips’ desires? Did he achieve them?
30. Give an account on Mr. Chips’ room at Mrs. Wickett’s.
31. Who were Boers? What were Mr. Chips’ views about them?
32. What happened in 1908?
33. What did Sir John Rivers Say to Mr. Chips?
34. Why did Ralston leave Brookfield and when?
35. What did Mr. Chips say in his farewell speech, 1913?
36. Discuss the row between Mr. Chips and Ralston.

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