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B.Com Introduction to Business Important Questions Notes

B.Com Introduction to Business Important Questions Notes
Here are the B.COM Introduction to Business Important Questions Notes.
Q.1 (a) Discuss the scope and objectives of business.
(b) What are the effects of Privatization over economy of Pakistan?
(c) Explain any 4 environments which effect business activities.
Q.2(a) Define TRADE and COMMERCE.
(b) Explain the various problems faced by a business main establishing a
business. Explain in detail.
Q.3(a) Differentiate between Capitalism & Socialism.
(b) State the ‘Economic System’ which has been followed in Pakistan.
Q.4(a) Enumerate the characteristics of MIXED ECONOMY.
(b) Describe “Social Responsibility of Business”.
Q.5(a) Differentiate between sole proprietorship and partnership
(b) Discuss the main feature of a Joint Stock Company.
(c) Differentiate between Private and Public Company.
(d) Prospectus
Q.6 Define the following terms
(i) Partnership deed (ii) Formation of joint stock company
(iii) Clauses of Memorandum and Articles of Association
Q.7(a)Discuss the importance of FINANCING BY LEASING, in modern day of business.
(b) Briefly explain the classification of CAPITAL MARKETS.
Q.8(a) Define Insurance. Briefly explain various types of insurance.
(b)What are different types of business goods.
Q.9(a)What do you mean by channel of distribution?
(b) Describe the importance of middle men in the manufacturer?
Q.1 O(a)Define Marketing and narrate its importance in the modern business world.
(b)Why many departmental stores have not been established in Pakistan?
Q.11(a) State the role of multinational companies in the industrial development of Pakistan.
(b) Write a short essay on personal management.
Q.12(a) Define “Combination”? Give reasons which lead to Establishment of Business Combination.
(b) Describe Syndicates and Pools.
Q.13 State the services of the Whole Selle rto the
(i) Manufacturer and (ii) Retailer
Q.14(a) List and Explain the Business Risks?
(b) Write down the characteristics of an Insurable Risk.
Q.1 5 Write short notes on any FOUR of the following.
(i) Advertising (ii) Market Segmentation
(iii) Departmental Store
(iv) Functions of Stock Exchange
(v) Product life cycle
(vi) Chain stores
(vii) Inventory control
(viii) Qualities of a good business man
(ix) Tariff
(x) Stock Exchange
(xi) Free Trade
(xii) Major Transportation System in Pakistan
(xiii) Orientation and training

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