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The Son's Veto Summary - BA LLB English Notes

The Son's Veto Summary - BA LLB English Notes
Looking for the Summary of the short story The Son's Veto written by Thomas Hardy? Here is the The Son's Veto Summary - BA LLB English Notes.

The Son's Veto Summary

Thomas Hardy is the famous novelist of the Victorian period. He writes realistically rather pessimistically. He has written this story. The Story is a realistic one. It deals with the relation of son and mother. 
          The story is about a women who was a young invalid women, not so much of an invalid, sitting in a wheelchair because she was lame and her wheelchair was pulled. Her name was Sophy and she seemed far more mature and elderly than the people used to consider her.Yet her attractive face unquestionably was not at all sickly.
          Sophy was very weak and awkward in the use of her grammar. That question of grammar bore upon her history and she fell into a dismissal kind of dream to the appearance. The near look at this interesting women was not so much fascinating. She was the second wife of her present husband. She was generally, believed to be a women with story- an innocent one, but a story of some sort or other. Her husband was died and she still thought herself to be afresh.
She always thinks herself to be young and wished to remarry. She used to say to herself, "No I am not a lady, sadly, I never shall be." She often say to herself, "Why mayn't say to Sam that I will marry him? Why mayn't I?" One day she came across a some sort of her old acquainted fellow, Sam who purposed her for marriage. This was her ancestral right to do what she wished to, but she had a son from her first husband who was in schooling. Her son was one who did not like to her this action. He rather abhorred it. In the end, she does not succeed in marrying Sam.
          This is the main riddle put into the story by Hardy. In this way, the story ends, leaving behind this riddle unresolved. In the end, the reader however, feels perplexed with the double thought.

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