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The Open Boat Summary - BA LLB English Notes

The Open Boat Summary - BA LLB English Notes
Looking for the Summary of the short story The Open Boat written by Stephen Crane? Here is the The Open Boat Summary - BA LLB English Notes.

The Open Boat Summary

         Stephen Crane writes the story, "The open Boat". This story is written with thorough observation and perfection of thought. This is the story of human struggle. The four men are portrayed struggling and they represent human race in general.
          The story deals with the aspect of struggle in life. There are four men; a captain, an oiler, a cook and a correspondent. They have been symbolized by the human race, While going through the story, we get an impression that humans overwhelm nature, but the outcomes reveals that man can never dominate over it. Humans by themselves think that they have been created to conquer all forces of nature. The struggle between man and the nature is revolutionary. Man thinks himself to be the champion and superior of the universe. He is tested repeatedly. At his defeat, he is disappointed and seems to surrender completely, what he does have and when he is encouraged, and is given momentary successes, he boosts him up.This phenomenon is repeated over time and again, but in the end, man has to surrender.
          The crux of the story has been conveyed that, when a man is in a dismissal state, he thinks himself very much un-charming and whole of his excitement begins to fade away. This situation in the human life is very hard and grave one. When man struggles for something and he is still unrewarded, he thinks it the most unkind and unjust on the part of nature. When it occurs to him that nature does not regard him as vital, then he desire to confront a personification and indulges in pleas, saying, "yes, but I love myself". This is perhaps, plausible that man in this situation pressed with the unconcern of the universe, should see the innumerable flaws in his life, and have them taste wickedly in his mind, and wish for another chance. A distinction between right and wrong seems absurdly clear to him, then he understands that he given was given another opportunity, he would mend his conduct and words, and be better in future.
          Here is a great secret revealed. The Captain advises his peers, "Take her easy now boys, don't spend yourselves. If we have to run surf, you will need all your strength because we will sure have to swim for it. Take your time." Here the lesson is conveyed that, if you have to fight, then don not consume yourself promptly, but save yourself for the new fight afresh.

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