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The Signalman Summary - BA LLB English Notes

The Signalman Summary - BA LLB English Notes
Looking for the Summary of the short story The Signalman written by Charles Dicken? Here is the The Signalman Summary - BA LLB English Notes.

 The Signalman Summary 

Charles Dicken, the famous novelist, has written this story. He deals with the complexity and obscurity of human mind in this story. The story deals with the account of signalman who is the in-charge of the controlling the  signaling system at a lonely railway station. The story revolves around the memories of the writer sharing with the signalman. The signalman is the unfortunate man who is sacrificed to his responsibility and duty.
               The story makes us realize the importance of talking and its reasonability in our life. We are always very much careless and extravagant in our talk and never care of what we say. We never bother of ourselves to understand the thing that make us realize of our discourse.  we are in a habit of talking and keep on talking, irrespective of what we are releasing from our mouths. Our words maybe very charming and productive ones, but mostly we use extravagant words and never care; they may kill a person for we hardly know and realize what we are talking and more importantly to whom we are talking. The story has a little bit of supernatural touch, as well.
               The Signalman is also the story of the significance of responsibility and duty. The Signalman is merely killed because of it. He had enough responsibility to bear; but exactness and watchfullness were what was required of him, and of actual work, the manual labor he had next to none. To change the signal, to trim the lights and to turn the iron handle now and then, was all he has to in the name of duty. He was the man of responsibility and well aware of his duty of work as well as his duty in relation to talk. There we some certein words, which were more concern to him, and he knew their significance but other people we partly unaware of them and partly were slack in comprehending their significance.
               There was a dilemma of an incident concerning some specific words, which had certein effect upon Signalman. These words were:
"Halloa! Below there!"
               These were the words related to the Signalman. No on knew the reality of words, which causes end of his life. Thus, the story ends with the tragic death of the Signalman.

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