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The Door In The Wall Summary - BA LLB English Notes

The Door In The Wall Summary - BA LLB English Notes
Looking for the Summary of the short story The Door In The Wall written by H.G Wells? Here is the The Door In The Wall Summary - BA LLB English Notes.

The Door In The Wall Summary

          H.G Wells is the famous English writer. He has written the story, "The Door in the Wall". He thought it in that time, 1911, to be a true story. As he himself says,"Lionel Wallace told me this story and at the time I thought, so far as he was concerned, it was a true story."
          The writer recalls the story told by Wallace. It seems the fanciful tale, and it includes a very strange incident. The story relates to Wallace who claims to visit the strange world and observes the past incidents of his previous life. He is in a strange world but watches the events of his own world. The real charm of the story lies is the fact that story told by Wallace is neither a dream nor it is any exaggerated talk on someone's part. However, the story seems entirely fanciful and the product of the narrator's own mind. The writer, like all other people, considers it as a false one.
          It is vague and obscure story. Wallace visits a strange world through a strange book, which is given him by a girl. He marveling looks over the pages of the strange book. He could see the events of his life that were happened to him since his birth. He says, "It was wonderful to me, people moved and things came and went in them; my dear mother, whom I nearly forgotten; then my father, the servants, the nursery, all the familiar things of home. Then I saw the front door and the busy streets... I looked and marveled..."
          Later on when Wallace comes to this world, he feels sad and wishes to go back to that strange world again. He says, "Poor little wretch I was! - brought back to this grey world again! As I realised the fullness of what had happened to me, I gave way to quite ungovernable grief. In addition, shame and humiliation of that public weeping and my disgraceful homecoming remain with me. I see again the benevolent-looking old gentleman in golden spectacles that stopped and spoke to me..."
The is very strange. It is fancy and mixed with horror. We feel a sense of fanciful thought as well a sense shudder. The writer, however, does not believe the story. The obscurity goes on until the end of the story. The writer concludes, :My mind is darkened with questions and riddles." In the end he concludes,
"We see our world fair and common, the hoarding and the pit."

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