Tuesday 6 October 2015

How To Manage Studies After Date Sheet

Almost all the educational boards announce date sheet of different exams about one month before. After the announcement of date sheet, many students can not manage their studies but only some students manage. In fact after the announcement of date sheet the students should revise their timetable and try to manage it accordingly. Students should allocate days to all the subjects very carefully as the time management is very important near the exams.

The subject in which the students are weak should be given more time. The subjects in which there are more than one holidays should be given relatively less time than others. The subjects in which there is no or only one holiday should be prepared first. You can not manage or revise the whole book in one day so it is better for you to make a list of important questions which should be revised one day before the exam. You should at least revise the whole book once before the announcement of the date sheet on the designated days. You should also make some key notes of all the important questions for the revision on the day before the exam. The students should give less time to the paper which is first and prepare it in last four to three days.

If there are more than one holidays in an easy subject than prepare for the next difficult one in extra holidays. Write down the schedule and date sheet on a paper which you have to follow and you can not afford any forgetfulness near the exams.

How To Manage Studies After Date Sheet

Instead of giving time to one subject you can allocate some hours to all the other subjects according to the nature of the subject, your preparation level of different subjects and schedule of your date sheet. It depends upon you that which method you select.

Keep in mind that some science students ignore the compulsory subjects due to which they can not get marks in those subjects. It is not right you should give a proper time to all subjects after the announcement of date sheet. If your concepts are clear then you should not worry about practicals and as well as for the written papers.

If you will make your timetable according to the schedule of the date sheet then your chances of getting good marks in the final exams will increase. So don't feel hesitate make a timetable and manage your subjects accordingly. If you have any difficulty feel free to ask us we will surely help you.

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