Monday, 20 March 2017

BA & BSc English Guess Paper 2017

BA & BSc English Guess Paper 2017
Looking for the guess paper of BA english and BSc English? Here is the BA & BSc English Guess Paper 2017.

Short Stories:
First Five
One Act Plays:
First and Third
First Twelve
Modern Essays:
First five, 8, 9,13 and 15
Characters (Manolin & Santiago), Symbolism, Fight
WithSharks, Adventure with Marlin, The Old Man’s
PhysicalFeatures, Theme of the novel, Self
Communing of the old manand A Note on The Old, Man as an Idealist.

B.A English Guess Short Story:
The New Constitution, Araby, Take Pity. The Necklace, The Duchess and The Jeweler, The Little Willow
One Act Plays:
The Bear, Something to Talk About Smoke Screens

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