Tuesday 21 March 2017

Matric 9th Physics Guess Paper 2017

Matric 9th Physics Guess Paper 2017
Looking for the guess paper of Matric 9th class Physics? Here is the Matric 9th Physics Guess Paper 2017.

Short Questions
Define physics, define mechanics & electromagnetism, atomic & nuclear physics, base & derived quantities, scientific notation, use of meter rod, vernier constant, diff b/w mechanical & digital stop watch, b/w atomic & nuclear physics, diff B/w rest & motion, translator & linear motion, circular & random motion, scalars & vectors quantities, distance & displacement, speed, speed & velocity, uniform acceleration, + & - acceleration, force, momentum,mass & weight,sliding & rolling friction,2nd law of newton, rigid body,axis of rotation of a body, head to tail rule of vector addition,
moment arm, torque,principle of moments, rectangular components,like & unlike parallel forces,center of mass & gravity, force of gravitation,fossil fuels,gravitational field, GPS,artificial satellite,value of g, density pascal law, arithematic principle, hook law, elasticity,work, joule, energy, k.E & P.E, sound & light,power,
Long Questions
Branches of Physics, electric balance, significant figure, Equation of motion, Motion of freely falling bodies, 2nd law of motion, vertical motion of string attached body with pulley, law of conservation of momentum, Resolution of force, Condition of equilibrium, Law of gravitation, Mass of earth, Motion of artificial satellite, K.E, Solar house heating, Solar cell, Energy from biomass, Mass energy equation, Pascals law & Applications, Archimedes Principle, Young’s modulus, Latent heat,
Linear & Volume thermal expansion, Thermal conductivity, Land & see breezes, Green house effect.
1.3, 1.7,2.4, 2.6,2.8,2.9,3.3,3.5,3.8,3.10, 4.3,4.4,4.10, 5.9, 5.10, 6.3, 6.4, 6.7, 6.8,7.4,7.6,7.8, 7.12,8.3,8.4,8.5,8.7,8.9,8.10,9.1,9.2.

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