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2nd Year English Chapter 3 Notes - 12th class English

2nd Year English Chapter 3 Notes - 12th class English
looking for the 2nd Year English Chapter 3 Notes? Here we have published the notes of Why boys fail in College. Includes kips notes also.


 According to the author there are some boys who fail because they do not try. Who are they? Can we help them?
 The boys who fail because they do not try suffer from nervous habits. They cannot concentrate on the tasks assigned although they spend more time in the presence of an open book than many a boy of equal ability. As for help, only they themselves can help themselves. They must take themselves by collar to cultivate poise and calm in their personalities.
 How does mistaken ambition on the part of boys and their parents lead to the failure of the boys. ?
 Mistaken ambition is the distasteful direction for a student mapped by his parents. A victim of mistaken ambition fails because he cannot convince himself to do a work that runs counter to all his interests and abilities. Since he does not take interest in his work, he fails.
 There are some boys who have done well at school but fail to make their mark at college. Who are they?
 Which boy is the most pitiable object among all our falling students?
 The bright boy who has done his school work without effort is the most pitiable object among all the failing students. He supposes that he can float through the college with as little effort as he did through school. He depends too much on his ability to get things done quickly.
 How does financial pressure lead to the failure of students?
 Sometimes financial pressure leads to the failure of students. There are some students who earn and learn at the same time. They get not only a very poor living by the process, but a very poor education as well. Their overwork leads them to failure.
 To what extent does the question of health lead to failure at college?
 How far can the college authorities with their medical officers help students in such cases?
 The question of health is always one of the major reasons for failure at college. A surprisingly large number of students suffer from different diseases unknowingly and fail. If a good health service is available in the college, and if proper cooperation exists between the teaching staff and the college doctor, a huge number of failures can be avoided.
What place would you accord to sportsmen in colleges?
 Ans. If a boy is too much interested in sports and not in his studies, he ought to get out of the main tent and become professional. However, if he could maintain a balance between his studies and sports, he does have a respectable place in college
Some of the falling students are those who join college for the fun of it Some of the falling students are those who join college for the fun of It Who are they? Can we help them?"
 Who are lazy bluffers?
 A few lazy bluffers enter into college but they do not have any serious interest in life. It is usually wise to let them find out by experience how much demand there is for the bluffers in practical life.


 There are many boys who attempt seriously to make progress but fail. Who are they, and what should they do?
 Many boys attempt to make progress but fail to concentrate on the tasks assigned. They fail because of their nervous habits. They must take themselves by the collar and cultivate in themselves a composure that ends the fidgets.
 What are the main causes of failure of students at college level?
 The main causes of failure of students at college level are the nervous habits, mistaken ambition, over-confidence, bad health, financial pressure, too much involvement in cocurricular activities, non-seriousness and laziness.
 Give two reasons of the boy's failure in the college.
 A common cause of failure is a mistaken ambition for a student on the part of his parents. The question of health, both physical and mental, is also one of the major causes of failure at college level.
 What are nervous habits and how do they lead to failures at college?
 Fidgets or nervous habits are the habits which cause a student to waste his time in doing unimportant things. They make it impossible for students to concentrate on the tasks assigned and thus cause failure
 How can the failure of bright students be prevented?
 In order to prevent failure, the bright boy should change his attitude. He should form a completely new set of habits in order to avoid failure and to show excellent result. He should not depend on his intelligence only, but should make effort as well
How does bad health lead to the failure of students?
 Many students unknowingly suffer from bad health. Their bad health results in their poor academic performance. As they are not able to perform well in their academics due to bad health, they fail.
 To what extent the question of health is important for a student?
According to the author, the question of health is immensely important. The author says that there is no substitute for health because whatever and however a man may know, it is not of much value unless he possesses the physical strength to face the world's problems.
 What the responsibility of the parents regarding the question of financial pressure?
 And. The responsibility of parents is that they must finance the education of their children entirely or adequately. Any boy must not be forced to cam his entire way through college, if it can in any way be avoided. The boy did not ask his parents to bring him into the world. It is his parents who are responsible for his being here. So, they are also responsible to give him the best possible support till he is independent
Why shouldn't the boy be compelled to earn his entire way through college?
 No boy should be compelled to eat his entire way through college because he gets not only a very poor living by the process, but a very poor education as well. It is the responsibility of boy's parents to contribute to meet his expenses.
 How can college Authorities solve the problem of financial difficulty?
 The failures caused by the financial pressure can be avoided if the college authorities arrange some scholarship funds to meet the educational expenses of the deserving students.
 How can the failure caused by too much interest in extra-curricular activities be prevented?
 First of all, the awakening of a clear judgment, as to what the college is for, is very necessary for a student. If he understands this, he will surely succeed.
 Who are lazy bluffers?
 Lazy bluffers are the students who join college for fun. They drift into college and drift out again. Many of them have found no serious purpose in their lives and some of them never will
 What is the role of the college Dean?
 The role of a college dean is the same as that of a physician. The problem that he faces calls for the same diagnostic ability as the physician's. The writer says if the dean can save boys from failure through foolishness, sickness and sin, he is doing his part of the job
 How many groups of students, according to H.E Hawkes, are there who fail in college?
 There are generally two groups of students who fails those who do not try, and those who try but fail because of one or the other reason.

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