Tuesday, 2 June 2020

Important key points from biology to maker better understanding

Important key points from biology to maker better understanding

Here we have shared some very important key points from biology which will help you understand biology problems more easily.

》1- Cutin is a lipid. It is not a p rotein.

》2- Sucrose is a non-reducing sugar.

》3- Isoprenoids are monomers of carotenoids, steroids and terpenes.

》4- ATP, RuBP, NADP all have ribose sugar in them

》5- Most enzymes work at slightly Alkaline pH.

》6- With each cardiac output Kidney receives 10 %.{ both Kidneys receive 20 %}

》7- In a molecule of DNA nucleotides are linked both vertically and horizontally.

》8- Tetroses are least abundant carbohydrates in nature.

》9- Charged pores in a cell membrane are formed by Channel proteins.

》10- Cytokinesis is the division of CELL after the division of cytoplasm. It is not the division of cytoplasm.

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