Tuesday 26 May 2020

Important Chemistry Formulas with their Name

Here we have shared the some Important Chemistry Formulas with their Name. Check them below:
  1. Carnalite MgCl2.KCl.6H2O 
  2. Corundum Al2O3
  3. Dolomite MgCO3.CaCO3 
  4. Bauxite Al2O3.nH2O
  5. Barite BaSO4 
  6. Hypo Na2S2O3
  7. White Rite BaCO3 
  8. Washing Soda Na2CO3.10H2O
  9. Soda Ash Na2CO3 
  10. Caustic Soda NaOH
  11. Water Glass Na2SiO3 
  12. Epsom Salt MgSO4.7H2O
  13. Kieserite MgSO4.H2O 
  14. Gypsum CaSO4.2H2O
  15. Plaster Of Paris CaSO4. ½H2O 
  16. Quick Lime CaO
  17. Baking Soda NaHCO3 
  18. Bleaching Powder CaOCl2
  19. Ortho-Boric Acid H3BO3 
  20. Meta-Boric Acid HBO2
  21. Pyro-Boric Acid H2B4O7 
  22. Fluorspar BaF2
  23. Chile saltpeter NaNO3 
  24. Oil Of Vitriol H2SO4
  25. Litharge PbO 
  26. Cryolite Na3AlF6
  27. Chromyl Chloride CrO2Cl2 
  28. Lunar Caustic AgNO3
  29. Blue Vitriol / Blue Stone / Neela Thotha CuSO4.5H2O
  30. Suhaga / Borax / Tincal Na2B4O7.10H2O
  31. Colemanite Ca2B6O11.6H2O
  32. Potash Alum / Phitkari K2SO4.Al2(SO4)3.24H2O
  33. White Lead Pigment Pb(OH)2.2PbCO3 OR Pb3(OH)2(CO3)2
  34. Red Lead Pigment / Sandhur PbO2.2PbO OR Pb3O4
  35. Turner’s Yellow PbCl2.4PbO OR Pb5O4Cl2
  36. Adipic Acid C6H10O4 OR HOOC−(CH2)4−COOH
  37. Ascorbic Acid / Vitamin-C C6H8O6
  38. Palmitic Acid C16H32O4 OR CH3(CH2)14−COOH
  39. Stearic Acid C18H36O4 OR CH3(CH2)16−COOH
  40. Oleic Acid C17H33−COOH 
  41. Linoleic Acid C17H31−COOH
  42. Methyl Amine CH3−NH2 
  43. Ethyl Amine C2H5−NH2
  44. Dimethyl Ethyl Amine (CH3)2N−C2H5
  45.  Trimethyl Amine (CH3)3N
  46. Phenyl Amine C6H5−NH2 
  47. Triphenyl Amine (C6H5)3N
  48. Diethyl Acetylene C2H5−C≡C−C2H5 
  49. Divinyl Acetylene H2C=CH-C≡C-CH=CH2
  50. Isopropyl Chloride (CH3)2CH−Cl 
  51. Isobutyl Chloride (CH3)2CH−CH2−Cl
  52. Isopentyl Chloride (CH3)2CH−CH2−CH2−Cl 
  53. Neopentyl Chloride (CH3)3C−CH2−Cl
  54. Secondary Butyl chloride CH3−CH2−CH(Cl)−CH3 
  55. Tertiary Butyl Chloride (CH3)3C−Cl

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