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FSc 1st Year Biology Chapter 5 MCQs pdf Download

FSc 1st Year Biology Chapter 5 MCQs pdf Download
If you are looking for the MCQs of Biology 11th class chapter 5 then here we have written all important FSc 1st Year Biology Chapter 5 MCQs pdf Download

I) Tick the Correct Option: (All questions / options - 20 / 0 ) 0 Marks
1. Hepatitis D is also called:
a) Serum hepatitis b) Infectious hepatitis c) Delta hepatitis d) Bacterial hepatitis
Correct Answer
Delta hepatitis

2. The common name for Allium cepa is:
a) Brinjal b) Amaltas c) Onion d) Potato
Correct Answer

3. The process in which the phage is called a prophage is termed as:
a) Induction b) Lysogeny c) Deduction d) Penetration
Correct Answer

4. The binomial system of nomenclature was derived by:
a) E.Chatton b) Ernst Haeckel c) Robert Whittaker d) Carolus Linnaeus
Correct Answer
Carolus Linnaeus

5. Herpes virus is responsible for herpes:
a) Simplex b) Duplex c) Triplex d) Quadruple
Correct Answer

6. Smallpox is:
a) DNA virus b) DNA enveloped virus c) RNA virus d) RNA enveloped virus
Correct Answer
DNA enveloped virus

7. Mad cow disease is caused by:
a) Virus b) Bacteria c) Prions d) Fungus
Correct Answer

8. The binomial system of Nomenclature of the organism was devised by:
a) Robert Whitaker b) Ernst Hackel c) E Chatton d) Carolus Linnaeus
Correct Answer
Carolus Linnaeus

9. The genetically Engineered vaccine is not available for:
a) HAV b) HBV c) HCV d) HDV
Correct Answer

10. Twort in 1915 and D'Harelle in 1917 discovered:
a) Pox Virus b) Adebi Virus c) Bacteriophages d) Herpes Virus
Correct Answer

11. The number of capsomeres present in the capsid of the herpes virus is:
a) 162 b) 252 c) 262 d) 152
Correct Answer

12. Orders include related:
a) Families b) Genera c) Species d) Classes
Correct Answer

13. Hepatitis "B" is also called:
a) Delta hepatitis b) Infectious hepatitis c) Infusion hepatitis d) Serum hepatitis
Correct Answer
Serum hepatitis

14. Smallpox is caused by:
a) Bacteria b) Fungi c) Virus d) Protozoan's
Correct Answer

15. Temperate phage may exist as:
a) Prophage b) Capsid c) Viroid d) Retrovirus
Correct Answer

16. Infectious Hepatitis is caused by:
a) Hepatitis A virus b) Hepatitis B virus c) Hepatitis C virus d) Hepatitis D virus
Correct Answer
Hepatitis A virus

17. Which one is not an RNA virus?
a) Smallpox virus b) Influenza virus c) Mumps and Measles virus d) Poliovirus
Correct Answer
Smallpox virus

18. The major cell infected by HIV is the helper:
a) A-monocytes b) T-monocytes c) B-lymphocytes d) T-lymphocytes
Correct Answer

19. A temperature phage may exist as:
a) Prophage b) Capsid c) Provirus d) Viroid
Correct Answer

20. The capsid is made up of Protein subunits known as:
a) Capsidomeres b) Capsomeres c) Capomere d) Protomeres
Correct Answer

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