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CSS Pakistan Affairs Solved Objective Paper 2010

CSS Pakistan Affairs Solved Objective Paper 2010
If you are in search of solved css papers then here we have shared the CSS Pakistan Affairs Solved Objective Paper 2010

Pakistan Affairs (Solved Obective Paper) CSS 2010

1. Name the saint, who first came in Lahore: Shaikh ismail
2. Ghiyas-ud-din Balban declared himself king of Delhi Sultanate in the year: 1266
3. Who founded Daulatabad and shifted the capital of Delhi Sultanate Muhammad Tughluq
4.Who set up the chain of justice to redress the grievances of oppressed people? Jahangir
5.who was known in history as Mujaddid Alf Thani, the reformer of second millennium? Shaikh Ahmed Sirhindi
6. Who called the"spiritual guide"as shopkeepers? Shah Waliullah
7. When Nadva-tul-Ulema came into being? 1884
8. Who initiated the cult of Shivaji against the Muslims of India? Bal Gangadhar tilak
9. Who led Simla deputation in 1906? Sir Agha Khan
10.when nehru committee was constituted to propose the future constitution of India? Feb 1928

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