Wednesday 1 January 2020

CSS Pakistan Affairs Solved Objective Paper 2006

CSS Pakistan Affairs Solved Objective Paper 2006
If you are in search of solved css papers then here we have shared the CSS Pakistan Affairs Solved Objective Paper 2006

Pakistan Affairs (Solved Obective Paper) CSS 2006

On 7th August, Muhammad Ali Jinnah left India for the last time and flew to: Karachi
Junagadh was a small maritime state and had an area of: 4500 Sq Km
Tethys deposits finally turned to be: Himalayas
The Salt Range lies in the large accumulation of pure salt at Khewra and: Kalabagh
Land holdings in Pakistan are characterized by: Huge farms
The Pakistan Forest Institute, a national organization was established in: 1947
Relics of stone tools found in caves and terraces that date back to Pleistocene period have been discovered in: Punjab
National Highway Authority receipts to the tune of 1850 million rupees have been reported by May: 2005
Recent earthquake of October, 2005 was result of: Tectonic dislocation
Pakistan foreign policy is the safeguarding of its sovereignty, security and: International Relations

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