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Unemployment English Essay for 10th and 12th Class

Unemployment English Essay for 10th and 12th Class
Looking for comprehensive English essay with quotations on Unemployment ? Here we have written Unemployment English Essay for 10th and 12th Class.

Unemployment English Essay

 Since its very inception in 1947, Pakistan has been facing many serious problems that are hampering the progress and prosperity of the country.  Unemployment is o of the biggest challenges faced by the govt. and the people of Pakistan. Unemployment m means the joblessness of the people who are qualified and fit to do a job. This has assumed gigantic proportions in the recent years. Many other problems and evils are taking birth as the by-products unemployed.
 "A man willing to work, and unable to find work, is perhaps the saddest sight that fortune's inequality exhibits under this sun".
 (Thomas Carlyle)
 A major cause of unemployment is the lack of professional and technical education. Most of our educated young people are not qualified enough to do a technical job. The degrees like B.A. and M.A. do not guarantee any professional qualification. This does not seem to have any planning to solve this problem. Kofi Annan, the former Secretary General of the United Nations, once said
"Unfortunately, very few governments think about youth unemployment when they are drawing up their national plans".
 Secondly. our population is increasing at an alarming rate. Every year, millions of young people complete their education and enter the job market. Bux there are not enough jobs for them. Thirdly. bad and inept governance has also played a negative role in the escalation of unemployment. Political corruption, nepotism, extortion. and embezzlement mean that only those people can get good jobs who are in the good book of the politicians and bureaucracy. Moreover, terrorism has broken the backbone of our economy. There is hardly any foreign investment which has aggravated our sufferings
Unemployment has many serious and far-reaching social, economic and psychological consequences. First of all, it is one of major causes of terrorism. The jobless youth is easily lured and brainwashed by the terrorist organizations. They are further used to destabilize the country through nefarious agenda. Secondly, unemployment gives rise to other social evils like beggary, child labour and robbery. As the educated people consider themselves deprived by the state, they get themselves involved in criminal activities like robbery. theft and drug-addiction. If we pick newspaper of any day, we find many cases of suicides due to unemployment and poverty.
 "Unemployment diminishes people. Leisure enlarges them."
 (Mason Cooley)
 Tackling the challenge of unemployment is a herculean task. Many steps need to be taken promptly 10 eradicate the problem of unemployment. First of all, the govt. will have to realize its responsibility of providing basic facilities to the masses which can be ensured by giving people good jobs. Without giving good jobs to the people, the dream of a prosperous Pakistan will be nothing more than a crying for the moon. The rulers should keep the words of Hazrat Umar (R.A.). the second caliph of Islam. in mind:
 "I will be held responsible for even a dog which dies of hunger on the bank of the Tigris River.
 The taxes collected from the public should be used for the welfare of the people. There should internships or unemployment allowance for the jobless educated people. Furthermore, the go should take steps to promote technical and professional education along with formal education education system should be modified to meet the challenges and requirements of the modern world.
To sum up the discussion, it may be said that unemployment is social problem with s repercussions. The nation especially the govt. needs to deal with it with serious planning and e Only through removing unemployment can we dream of a prosperous and developed Pakistan. Allah bless us with the courage and resources to eradicate unemployment from society!

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