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Importance of Newspaper English Essay for 10th and 12th Class

Importance of Newspaper English Essay for 10th and 12th Class
Looking for comprehensive English essay with quotations on Importance of Newspaper? Here we have written Importance of Newspaper English Essay for 10th and 12th Class.

Importance of Newspaper English Essay

 News means information about events and happenings. previously unknown.especially unusual or notable. And newspaper is a typical daily or weekly publication containing news and opinion of current events. feature articles and advertisements. As the day starts, most of the people usually like to see the world through the eyes of newspaper as if it were spectacles to gaze at the world around In short, newspaper is the world's mirror.
In fact, newspaper plays a very important role as a positive source of learning F.B Sanborn is of the view:
"The careful reader of a few good newspapers can learn more in a year than most scholars do in their great libraries.
Newspaper reflects discernment of renowned thinkers, reformers, philosophers and scientists by publishing their latest reports, researches, discoveries and inventions, initiated in various fields of life for the learning of quiescent souls
Newspaper is a vital tool for advertisement as well. It plays a key role in inviting the attention of the public to the general provisions of life. Every Tom. Dick and Harry gets attracted by the colorful presentations and advertisements shown in the newspaper. These advertisements instigate the people to buy things.
Newspaper also propagates the acrobatics of politicians and the world politics. As John F Kennedy says:"
Mothers may still want their favorite sons to grow up to be president, but....
 they do not want them to become politicians in the process......
 This is what the newspaper does in its dire consequences. It also mobilizes public opinion on different levels to make the people get in touch with the current situation streaming in the world Newspaper with its uses carries the information to the unreached. From every walk of life people can get in touch with their desired and required columns, Newspaper usually bears important decisions of courts for the lawyers, new plans of government for national solidarity commercial news for businessmen. "wanted for the job-hunting people, making and breaking of political parties, the winning and losing in sports, programs of entertainment in the world of showbiz, advancement in the field of education, articles and opinions of the scholars, innovations in the world of medical science and many more.
 Newspaper has its dark aspects as well. It is a double edged weapon and cuts both ways. sometimes, it misleads the people by publishing false and baseless news. It is a moral duty of newspaper to give impartial coverage. News regarding social crimes like gang-rape, sex crime. scandals, divorces. kidnapping, murders, indecent advertisements and other such things are an integral part of the newspaper. This type of news creates a bad effect upon the readers. But as compared with the uses of newspaper, these abuses are far less.
To sum up. newspaper fights for the just rights of people. It's like a watchdog against the misuse power. pressure groups and the monopoly of the privileged and powerful people. It is like a thermometer: it records and interprets the heat and temperature of public opinion and reaction very person should develop a habit of newspaper-reading, because it provides information, learning and entertainment.

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