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My Hobby English Essay with Quotations for Inter, BA Classes

My Hobby English Essay with Quotations for Inter, BA Classes
There is no compulsion about a hobby It arises purely from personal taste Every boy or girl should have a hobby for spare time, for as the poet said "Absence of occupation is not rest.
A mind quite vacant is mind distressed
 Since it depends on personal taste, It follows that there are many different hobbies Some find it interesting to collect used postage stamps from all the different countries of the world. Others who are mechanical minded like to work with machinery to take bicycles or radio-sets to pieces and assemble them again Another may be fond of fretwork or painting, or of observing the habits of birds and animals in the jungle A hobby has a beneficial effect on the mind and prevents one from ever becoming dull and in low spirit.
 My hands automatically move towards books whenever I am free from my work Reading is my hobby. There are two reasons for this choice. One, it is my taste of life. Two the Quaid-e-Azam, who is my hero, also liked reading a lot He himself had a great collection of books. Besides, it is an advice of great writers to read books in order to write great. Hazlet Bacon and almost all the writers used to study books and used the acquired ideas into their writings. Reading followed by writing had made them perfect My choice of reading books ranges from poetry, history and geography to Quranic Tafsirs. Also, books from English literature attract my attention. I read Urdu and English poetry. The glory of the past is very fascinating to me. So, I have read many a book on Indian history. The knowledge of our ancestors makes me think that I am a part of the past. English novels, essays and stories contribute to my vocabulary and style. I also read Quran Tafsir by different scholars in order to grasp the true spirit of Islam Besides, I read newspapers and international magazines like "The Time" and "Newsweek". Their study is very interesting as they give a thorough view of any hot issue or topic.
 The benefits of my hobby are unlimited Firstly, reading has saved me from bad company and consequent tragic loss. Secondly, it has given me a clear advantage over my fellow students. I have great vocabulary to speak and write, complete understanding of current affairs and literature by virtue of my hobby. Therefore, I score better marks in examinations and win, sometimes easily, in quiz contests and speech declamations My reading habits are another aspect to be investigated. I read books for the sake of pleasure and knowledge. Reading is a source of refreshment for me, not of burden or head-ache However, when I am free from examinations, I read a lot, almost passionately Secondly, I always hesitate to lend my books to somebody else because I do not trust anyone in this connection
 To conclude, reading is a beneficial habit and a wise advice of great people. It leads one to success everywhere. Investment in this hobby would certainly pay off in future. One can enjoy success, leisure, happiness and great respect by having a good habit for one's spare time.
 "The wisdom of a learned man cometh by opportunity of leisure."

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