Friday 28 June 2019

LLB Part 1 Jurisprudence Past paper 2019

LLB Part 1 Jurisprudence Past paper 2019
If you are in search of the past papers of LLB part 1 of jurisprudence subject then here we have published the LLB Part 1 Jurisprudence Past paper 2019.
Note: Attempt any FIVE Questions. All questions carry equal marks

1. Define Jurisprudence? Explain its relationship with other social sciences

2. Define Law. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of fixed rule of law.

3. Explain pre-requisites of a valid custom?

4. Is "law territorial in nature"? Explain

5. Define administration of Justice. Trace the original administration of justice.

6. Discuss various rules of production and valuation of evidence.

7. Discuss the secondary functions of the Law Courts

8. Discuss the circumstances that tend to increase the authority of a Precedent and thosethat decrease its authority?

9. Explain the difference between Substantive Law And Procedural Law?

10. Explain various kinds of Possession?

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