Friday 28 June 2019

LLB Part 1 Constitutional Law-I Past paper 2019

LLB Part 1 Constitutional Law-I  Past paper 2019
If you are in search of the past papers of LLB part 1 of Constitutional Law - I subject then here we have published the LLB Part 1 Constitutional Law-I  Past paper 2019.
Note: Attempt any SIX Questions in all by selecting THREE questions from Part-I and THREE Questions from Part-II. All questions carry equal marks

Part-I (British Constitution)

1. "The Crown is an institution which never dies" Discuss the maxim and enumerate the Constitutional position and prerogatives of the Crown.

2. House of Common is more powerful than House of Lords, discuss the statement.

3. Explain the salient features of British Constitution.

4. Discuss the principle of the supremacy of the British Parliament and highlight the factors which restraint the legislative supremacy of Parliament.

5. Discuss the Doctrine of Ministerial Responsibility in the British Constitution.

6. Write a comprehensive note on any two of the following

  1. Lord Chancellor
  2. Separation of Powers in British Law
  3. Human Rights
  4. Magna Carta (1215)
Part-II (US Constitution)

7. Discuss the Salient Features of US Constitution.

8. Discuss the Doctrine of Judicial Review in the context of US Constitution Elaborate in the light of Marbury vs Madison (5 US 137, 1803).

9. Enumerate the powers of US Congress and is limitations under the relevant provisions of US Constitution.

10. Discuss the Composition and Jurisdiction of US Supreme Court in the light of US Constitution.

11. Explain the election and impeachment procedure of US President.

12. Write a Comprehensive Note on any two of the following

  1. Bill of Rights
  2. McCullah vs Madison case( 17 US 316, 1819)
  3. Doctrine of Separation of Powers
  4. 5th and 14" Amendment of US Constitution

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