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Important Questions of NUST Entry Test 2019 - All Subjects

Important Questions of NUST Entry Test 2019 - All Subjects
If you are going to appear in entry test of NUST then here we have provided the Important Questions of NUST Entry Test 2019 - All Subjects


PART-1 : Chapter # 3,4,6,7,8,12
PART-2 : Chapter # 1,4,6

Quadratic Equation, Sequences and Series, Probability
Permutation and Combination, Binomial Theorem, Solution of Triangles, Limits and Functions, Analytical Geometry Conic Section and General Math.
1) Sequence and Series
2) Trigonometry
3) Conic Section
4) Analytical geometry
5) Probability, permutation, and combinations
Many questions will be from general maths too. You should know the area of all the geometrical objects. How their diagonals intersect etc.


PART-1 : Chapter # 2,3,4,5,7,9,10
PART-2 : Chapter # 12,13,14,15,16,19,21

Vectors and Scalars, Projectile Motion, Force And Motion, Work, Power, Circular Motion, Simple Harmonic Motion, Physical
Optics, Optical Instruments, Electrostatic, Electricity,
Electro-Magnetism, Electro-Magnetic Induction, Alternating Current, Modern Physics and Nuclear Physics.


PART-1 : Chapter # 3,4,5,6,8,11
PART-2 : Chapter # 1,3,4,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14

Limiting Reactant, Gases, Solids, Liquids,
Atomic Structure, Chemical bonding, Chemical Equilibrium, Reaction Kinetics, Periodic Trends, Group 3,4,5,6,7,8 Elements And All Organic Chemistry.


In intelligence portion of NET there will be MCQs related to directions, Analytical approach, odd one out, critical thinking and coding/decoding.

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